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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-10-2018


Witches calling the far right Antifa….What do witches call the far left?


Football Picks, Oct. 20, 2018….updated 10/21

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-10-2018


I had a terrible week last week….hopefully this week will be a little better. I plan to go with my head and not my heart, maybe that will help. So, here goes:

Alabama vs Tennessee….Bama wins….and Bama won

Arizona vs UCLA….Upset…..Arizona wins…and Arizona lost by 1….lost

Wisconsin vs Illinois….Wisconsin wins…Wisconsin wins….won

Texas Tech vs Kansas….Texas Tech wins…and Tech wins…won

New Mexico vs Fresno St….Fresno St wins…and Fresno St won…won

New Mexico State vs Georgia Southern….Ga Sou wins..and Ga Sou wins..won

Game of the week: Upset special

Mississippi State vs LSU….Miss St wins…and LSU wins…lost

Record for this week…. 5 W – 2 lost   For the season  38 W – 18 L


Seems To Me Like…….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-10-2018


You know it seems to me like the world is going crazy….but then again, maybe it’s me. But I feel like:

  1. God has pulled away from America and probably because America has pulled away from God.
  2. People care only about themselves anymore.
  3. When voting its “what can you do for me” attitude when selecting a candidate.
  4. Protesting when elections do not go their way and most of the protesting turn violent,  in effect saying, “you folks better listen to me or you may get hurt.”
  5. No one knows history anymore. We have dumbed down our school systems.
  6. Our kids are excellent in running computers and phone apps. Figuring things out for themselves, not so much.
  7. Rules and government are ok as long as they are favorable to liberal thinking.
  8. Conservative ideas, “you got to be kidding”. Their are a few young people who think conservatively, but very few.
  9. That 10 percent tax rate works for God and seems to me like if all of us, including companies and corporations, would pay 10 percent to the USA we would have all the money necessary to run our government.
  10. Everyone who is able should work. If you draw a welfare check you should work doing something….sweeping streets, picking up trash, clerking in government offices….something, anything, but all work.

Football Picks, Oct. 13, 2018…update 10/14/18

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-10-2018


Now I remember why I did not do football picks last year….What a poor showing on my part this week…..terrible, but at least I’m admitting it….I’ll continue for this year, but I will remember not to do this again next year…wow


Here we are, almost half way through the regular season….were does the time go? Well, here we go again:

Alabama vs Missouri….Bama wins…Ok, so I got a W

Arizona vs Utah…..oops….Utah wins….oops, AZ wins…..a L

Wisconsin vs Michigan…another oops….Michigan wins….ok, a W

Texas Tech vs TCU….another oops…TCU wins, another oops…Tech wins…a L

New Mexico vs Colo St….This year the Lobos win over the Rams…UNM wins, another oops….Colo St Wins….another L

NMSU vs La- Lafayette….NMSU has a new qb and a new running back, a power back……I’m picking NMSU in a upset win……Aggies win…another oops..La wins a big L

Game of the week:

Troy vs Liberty….ok, another upset..No, I better not….Troy in a close one…I should have gone with Liberty…Liberty wins, another L

record this week: 2 W – 5 L  for the season,  29 W – 16 L

Trump’s Tax Records…..per Sarah Huckabee

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-10-2018


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Football Picks, Oct. 6, 2018….updated 10-7-18

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-10-2018


Alabama vs Arkansas…..What has happened to Arkansas?….Bama big time on this one..Roll Tide    Bama wins, 65 – 31   W

Arizona vs California….ok, Arizona gets back in the win column this week…Go Cats Arizona wins 24 – 17     W

Wisconsin vs Nebraska….Nebraska may win one this year, but not this week…Go Badgers   Wisconsin wins  41 – 24    W

New Mexico vs UNLV….both teams lost qb last week….I pick the Lobos and their third string who has played more than their first stringer….Go Lobos Lobos win 50 – 14    W

New Mexico State vs Liberty…..Liberty made a believer out of me last week….Go Aggies but Liberty wins this one….   NMSU wins   49 – 41   W

Texas Tech is idle this week…

Upset special:

Texas A&M vs Kentucky….A & M is favored by about 6 points and playing at A & M where they have the 12th man, they need 13 this week….I’m picking Kentucky..ok, so I did not do so good on the upset, but it took A & M into overtime to win it…Texas A & M wins 20 – 14    L

This week 5 W – 1 L     Season totals  27 W – 11 L

Football Picks, Sept 29, 2018 updated 9/30/18

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-09-2018


Alabama vs Louisiana-Lafayette….Bama by several points to be determined by Saban….lol….I did not say that to be mean but it may be very close to the truth….It was as I said….Bama gets a W

Arizona vs Southern California….I would love to pick Arizona, but I have to go with Southern Cal….14 points or so I reckon….Sou Cal get the W

Wisconsin has the week off

New Mexico University vs Liberty….I’m thinking the Lobos will come back even stronger this week…..Lobo’s by 10….so, Lobo’s lose by 10…..big L

New Mexico State has the week off…

Texas Tech vs West Virginia….West Virginia looks very good this week and I believe they could beat Tech. W Va is only favored by 5, so I’m going with Texas Tech by 3….So much for that upset….another big L

upset special this week…..

Nebraska vs Purdue…..Nebraska wins their first game this year….ok, so I was wrong….Nebraska loses another….a big L

Record 2 W – 3 L   season 22 W – 10 L

College Football Picks Sept 22, 2018 updated Sept 23, 2018

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-09-2018


Getting a little more interesting and the picks are a little harder in most cases….

Alabama vs Texas A & M…..Bama squeaks by, say 21 points….oops, Bama won by 22…..anyway another W

Arizona vs Oregon State…..what in the world is going on at Arizona..Az by slim margin, ok, looks like the Az of old…Az 35 – Oregon St 14    a W

New Mexico gets to rest up this week

New Mexico  State vs UTEP…..ok, NMSU gets first win as they feel they have found a qb in a freshman…hope so NMSU wins it first game…..a W

Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech….Ok St favored by 2 touchdown….I would like to go with Tech, but I don’t think they can beat the Cowboys this year…ok, so I was wrong Tech can win  41 – 17    so, a big L

Wisconsin vs Iowa….Ok, BYU snuck up on the Badgers…Wisconsin is now fully awake and beat the Hawkeyes …good game, Wisc wins…..W

Upset special: Washington State vs Southern Cal…..Wash St by 3…another big oops..but they almost pulled off the upset……L

2nd upset special: Kentucky vs Mississippi State…Kentucky by a touchdown even as my heart says no way….but I’m thinking its Kentucky this game…ok, I got this upset right…Kentucky 28 – MS St 7…..W

Record this week….5 W – 2 L

Record for the year…20 W – 7 L

Secret Government Agency Closes National Solar Observatory

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-09-2018


Albuquerque Journal, Thursday September 13, 2018 reports the following. I also checked the internet and they have several articles regarding the closure but with no additional information available.

On Thursday, September 7, 2018 the folks employed at the National Solar Observatory was closed by a government agency and had the employees  evacuate the area. A nearby post office was also told to close and it was also evacuated. None of the people were told what was happening to cause the closure and they were not told how long the closure would last. They said “due to unforeseen circumstances”  due to some security issues and would have no further comments at this time. The FBI is on site, but they are not the agency that closed it, and no one is saying which agency was responsible for the closure.

This place has been operating since 1947, involved in solar research. The operator of the facility is The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy is addressing a security issue and decided to temporarily vacate the facility.

In another article, which I did not fully explore, there seem to be some solar flares that are raising some eyebrows and I wondered if that could be a part of it….yet, that is what they do: Study solar flares, etc…Soooo, what’s going on? Could the agency that closed the place be the “MEN IN BLACK?” Just saying……


Sept 15, 2018 Football Game Picks…updated 9/17

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-09-2018


Well, it is time for the games to get tougher as conferences games get started….And leading off:

Alabama vs Mississippi….Bama picked by 22 points. I think it will be closer to 14, but anyway, Bama wins….Big win for Bama……W for me

Arizona vs Southern Utah…Az will surely win this one….I’m pickin’ um. A big win for Arizona….W for me

Texas Tech vs Houston….Houston is tough, Tech is a 1 1/2 point favorite and I also believe Tech will beat them. Big win for Tech….W for me

Wisconsin vs BYU….Wisconsin wins but BYU is playing pretty good ball this year but not good enough to beat the Badgers.  Big win for BYU  …L for me

New Mexico vs New Mexico State….NM is favored by 7 but they will win by 21….gasp…yep, 21  Big win for New Mexico…W for me

extra games:

Ohio State vs TCU…..Ohio State by 14…another W for me

Liberty vs Norfolk State….Liberty by 7….New Mexico plays Liberty Sept 29th…Postponed

Record    4 W and 1 l    Season  15W – 5L