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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-07-2009


Hey folks, I just wanted to let you know that the price of my books through publishamerica.com has been lowered to 6.99 per copy. I hope you will go there and buy a copy of Lost in the Black Range and The Saga of Zachary Williams. I do not know how long they will hold that price. Thanks for considering a purchase and thank you for viewing my web site.

Ok, it is now Aug 3, 2009 and the prices have gone back up. It was a good deal while it lasted. Walmart probably will not talk to me now….oh, well…what would I do with a bunch of money?….I sure don’t need anymore food…Did you see my pictures?…I look pregnant..

Ghost Stories

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-07-2009


Did you guys read my download,  “Mrs. Old Lady Thornton” from Chapter Seven of Cousins? I wrote a book about her, “Mrs. Old Lady Thornton Treasure” and then I wrote, “Cousins in Mulberry Branch Hollow” about a band of ghost musicians that played up and down Mulberry Branch Hollow protecting a buried treasure. Neither of those two books have been published yet, but I have not given up hope on them. I use the same characters in each book. They are both cute stories, with C.C., Doug, Homer, and Pete letting those old ghost chase them around a bit…. I love good old ghost stories…….don’t you?…Do you have one or two you would like to share with me. If I could get enough together,  I might try to compile a book of short stories on them dad-gum old ghost. If you have some to share, please send to pete@hesterbooks.com but not as an attachment. Be sure and give me your name and address so if it comes to be I will be able to contact you. Come on, let me hear from you…..Thanks, Pete

Certified Rock Technician

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-07-2009


Well, I now have some competition. No. 2 son came over and not only helped with the yard work today, he also allowed me to certify him as a rock cleaning tech…He is so smooth with a shovel and learned to shift the rocks over the screens so quickly, even to the point of becoming better than his teacher, getting good clean rocks to return to the yard…wow…..But I must say his forte is dumping the dirt, it would almost bring tears to my eyes, he was so quick and speedy with the wheelbarrow….I think he may have missed his calling….Only bad thing about it all is now Momma may expect me to clean that many rocks every day….dang, that’s scary..

No. 3 Son

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-07-2009


No. 3 son called today. He and the wife are heading out to the Cayman Islands….Wow…I don’t know anything about the Cayman Islands, so I google, 1st thing “a vacation Paradise”…more wow…But really does not tell me much..I go to my old stand by Wikipedia..Columbus discovered it and named it Las Tortugas because of all the sea turtles, well, thats ok…Sir Francis Drake came later and names it Cayman because of all the alligators, whoa…Now, you guys have fun and be careful, but if you are out and about and if you do have to shoot one, remember your old pappy likes alligator boots…..

Red or Green? (Tomasita’s in Santa Fe, click comment)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-07-2009


We hear this every time we eat Mexican food out. Red Chile or green chile? I am a green kind of guy myself, but every once in a while, I do make a mistake. I ordered a carne ardovada enchilada with green the other day. The boss looked over at me and she said, “Why?” and I said, “Why, what?” She said, “why are you ordering green on something prepared in a red sauce already?” And I said, “Oh! OK, make that red.” Red is good, don’t get me wrong, but I think the green has a fresher taste. The boss on the other hand says red is just a better taste, period. So, I reckon it just depends on what kind of taster you have, you know, down there in the old throat somewhere. I have learned better than to say, “Oh, it doesn’t get to hot for me!!!” I do like it spicy, and I do like it hot, but beware, folks, every once in a while they bring in those chilies from hell….if you are a newcomer, order tea and water, so you keep something wet and cool in front of you all the time…..just a precautionary measure, understand… Another thing, the boss like chile rellenos and huevos rancheros and orders them all the time. If  I can catch the waitress fast enough and say, “I’ll have what she’s having” or if I am to late for that, its, enchiladas or combination plate for me…..I can’t say rellenos or huevos rancheros….never could…and I don’t think it’s about rolling the r’s…..folks just ain’t suppose to talk like that…..

South Carolina

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-07-2009


A few years ago my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Charleston, SC and staying there several days. It is a beautiful city with stately old homes and mansions, all well maintained and I hope they still are. We took the dinner cruise that, at that time, took one down Ashley River and in the harbors or is that Charleston Bay?, past Fort Sumter on by the Naval Station there. Just a wonderful evening and good food. While there we toured the USS Yorktown, and seems like there was a submarine and another ship of two. It has been many years and our memory has clouded some, but we remember the good feelings when our mind takes us back to that time. Why do I think of it now? Well, I guess the governor of that state prompted some of those memories. Why is it that something like what he did that hurts all of us?…Those of us miles away and in no way involved in his life or family?…I suppose it is the television and experiencing and seeing the hurt with the individuals and hurting for them…Am I passing judgment?….No, I have also done stupid things and I just wonder how our thinking gets so screwed up at times…God loves them both, the governor and his wife, and I hope it works out for them in the long run…..

Ojo Caliente, NM & Apaches Indians

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-07-2009


I am not sure how many Hot Springs there are in New Mexico.  Working in sales for a couple of tank truck carriers, I was called on to make some rates to Ojo Caliente, NM only to find there were several of them and I had to be more specific than just the name. That was the first time I was aware of the duplication of names. Then I started researching the Apaches tribes of Victorio (Warm Spring Band) and Geronimo (Chiricahua) and the Ojo Caliente they referred to was either near Dusty, NM in Socorro County or the Hot Springs at Truth or Consequences, NM. Both of the latter locations were the favorites of these Indians. Victorio considered the Ojo Caliente near Dusty as his homeland and there is an abandoned reserversation at the southern end of the Cibola National Forest that belongs to the Warm Spring Tribe (Chiricahua) that were taken captive and moved to Florida, Alabama and later to Fort Sill, Ok. Governor Richardson deined the Fort Sill Indians permission to operate a casino near Lordsburg. In my humble opinion, the remnant of the Chiricahuas at Fort Sill deserve a casino as much as any tribe in the state and maybe more so. I think that decision should be reversed. I don’t think we need another casino in New Mexico, but if any tribe DESERVES one it is certainly the Warm Springs and Chiricahuas. If you have not read their history you should. We think of them as the tribes that raised holy hell with the settlers of the west and we sometimes forget that we were the invaders. Well, now, here we are, owners of all this Apache land, but we consider them Americans, and from late 1886 and for 27 years they were capitives of the United States. What other tribe in our history paid such a high price? They ended up in Oklahoma and they were New Mexico and Arizona Indians. I speak of these two tribes as one and as most of you know, Chief Victorio and the Warm Spring Tribe was massacred in the Tres Castillos Mountains in Mexico by Col. Terrazas Oct. 14 and 15, 1880. Nana took the surviving 15 members, later joined by some Mescaleros, on a thousand mile raid and by most accounts, never lost a man. After that raid, he joined with Geronomo until they were taken capitive. I know this is a can of worms for them and for us, what’s done is done and we are the conquerers…..Fair is still fair….How about it, Governor, any chance you could reconsider your ruling?…

No. 1 Daughter

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-07-2009


Gee, everyone has been traveling or is going to be traveling. No. 1 daughter and son-in-law just returned from a trip to New Orleans. I have not visited with her since she returned but I did speak to her while she was there. She was telling me at that time  about all the food they had been eating. She saw a lot of sights and had a good time except for some small problems with the airline, etc, but she told her mother it was a great trip and as with most trips, was glad to be home.  It was hot, but they are  Arizona residents and are heat sensitive….Did I say that right?, Let me try again, it was hot and humid and they are humidity sensitive, but it was still lots of fun…She will catch me up on the news in a few days I hope, especially if my blogging is incorrect info….but I have quality sources of info….don’t I?……

No. 1 Son

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-07-2009


I spoke to No. 1 son yesterday. He and his wife are heading out to the Bahamas to spend a week or so. That should be a lot of fun. They and several of their friends are off for some fun in the sun and sea, probably some scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Sitting here in New Mexico amongst the cacti, rocks, and sand makes that sound pretty nice. I’m kinda worried about him…He takes after his dad since we have the same hair do ,,,,and a hat is a must….so wear your hat son, protect that noggin and wear your sun block….I don’t know, you think I need to go with him?….Let me see, how old is he now?…Wow, really, that old? Well, ok then…..(I’m only joshing son, ya’ll have a good time…..

No. 2 Son and Other Stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-07-2009


No. 2 son was so nice today. Well, he is nice every day, but today he came over early and helped mow my yard. We then cut some low hanging branches from the pine tree in the back yard (giving me a better view of the Sandia’s) and then we hauled them off. We had a good pick up load. Nice, huh? Then we hung out. It is so nice having family in town. His Mom fixed us breakfast on the patio, probably 9:30 or 10:00 am. It was cool. The only thing is, we have some monsonal moisture lately and so now the flies are coming around. That’s the only bad thing about rain: the insects come out and begin to brother you. Where do those little suckers live when it is dry, pray tell….They lay in waiting maybe, sleeping, and then the thunder and lighting wake them up…..It’s like playing the charge song at a ball game and here they come…..Oh, well, it will be over soon….