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Follow the Sun by E. V. Pete Hester Follow the Sun By E. V. Pete Hester Copyright Pending 2015     Foreword Butch Madison told this story to me several years ago and swore that everything he told was true and...

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J. I. Hall, Jr.....A Western Novel by E. V. Pete Hester This is my latest novel and it is not in a good format for reading, however, it is readable. I enjoyed writing this book and I had problems finding a publisher....so, what the heck, I wrote it just for...

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Confederates move to Brazil...John W. and Lisanna Brownlow... Otis Vaughn is interested in locating members of the Brownlow (Vaughn descendants) family who relocated to Brazil after the Civil War. In the past, I have had several readers from Brazil and if any of...

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The Saga of Zachary Williams, The Sabine Kid My book publisher gave me the rights back to my book, The Saga of Zachary Williams, well, kind of saying it was just "sorry and no good"....nah, he didn't say it that way but that is how it kind of came...

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Memorial Day…a repost from 2011

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Memorial Day, 2011(updated after dinner Sunday)

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This morning was a beautiful day, quite, serene, nothing going on in our neighborhood. No riots, no hunger, no quarreling and no drug deals going down to my knowledge. A good start to a weekend where we honor those who died to give us this freedom. We kind of take our good life for granted, but a lot of folks died to make it happen. Thanks to the families of our fallen Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines who have suffered in their loss. We share your grief and we honor you and your fallen loved one this weekend. God Bless America and the Military who so bravely fight for our  freedom.

We celebrated our Memorial Day on Sunday afternoon. I asked my granddaughter to read the Gettysburg Address just before our lunch. Wow, that speech always gets to me…What a powerful choice of words and the last two sentences take us living in the 21st Century to task. ….”It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us-that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion-that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.” Our present Congress has it’s work cut out for it….From my seat here is Albuquerque it seems to me the proper course of action is prayer…President Lincoln called it correctly, “that this nation under God”  Our prayers that the Almighty will once again put up the hedge rows to protect our country, return prayer back into the school systems and recognize that without God’s help we will never succeed.

Truth or Consequences, NM…Weekend visit

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-05-2015


We had a nice visit to T or C, NM this past weekend. I guess most folks heading down to T or C are going either to boat and fish at Elephant Butte Lake or visit the numerous hot springs. Of course you know that the town was called Hot Springs until 1950 when Ralph Edwards of the tv show, Truth or Consequences proclaimed that the first town to change it’s name to the shows name he would come and broadcast a show from that town. Hot Springs won the honor, changed it’s name and for the next  50 years Mr. Edwards came to T or C the first weekend in May for the “Fiesta”. They still have it and its still a pretty big deal. We missed the Fiesta but still enjoyed the visit. The level of The Butte is still down a lot, but up about 35 feet since last year. A good snow melt this year, coupled with some nice area rain storms is helping to keep the lake level rising. My son in law hit a rock on the east side of the lake in his boat and we had to have a tow to make it back to the marina. Still, I think we all had a wonderful time but the fishing was abruptly ended thanks to the unexpected rock collision…….. The next posting I want to share with you information about the ghost towns around that area and some of the history of each. I find it quite interesting…I think you will also….Pete

Fire Station #22, Albuquerque, NM…Chain Saw Art

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-05-2015


Mark Chavez 001Mark Chavez 003Mark Chavez 007Mark Chavez 011Mark Chavez 006My daily walk takes me by Fire station #22. I witnessed the complete renovation of it, including the cutting down of three big pine trees out front of the station. The tree trimmer left about a nine or ten foot stump. I quizzed one of the fireman about it and he let me know that a retired fireman would be doing some chain saw art on the stumps. In the days that followed I witnessed the transformation of these stumps into magnificent works of art. One day, as the roadrunner, rabbit and snake were being carved, I happened by just as the artist took a water break. I had a visit with him and learned that he worked for the fire department for 24 years before retiring. His name is Mark Chavez, Artist and owner of Sandia Bear Company Chainsaw Sculptures, 190 old 66 East, Albuquerque, NM 87123…His web site is sandiabearcompany.com. You can view more of his work on the web site as well as learn more about Mark. Look closely to see the snake climbing up the tree after the rabbit sitting there just under the road runner. On the back side of the owls, there is a baby owl in the knot of the tree and yours truly failed to use a flash so you cannot see it…It’s very cute. Sorry I did not get a good picture. The two eagles are the first ones he did. Beautiful…I hope some of you can see these carvings in person as he did a very good job. He also did the carvings in the burn area down near the Rio Grande River….Good job, Mark….Today I worked on the picture of the little owl in the knot hole…click to enlarge and you can see the little fellow. Same with the snake in the roadrunner picture…click to enlarge to see him….thanks, Pete

Fenn’s Fortune…..Buried, No…Wet, Yes…

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nm15[1]After Mr. Fenn gave us his new clues he says there is one he wishes he had not given…I believe that it’s about the treasure being wet….I’m pretty sure he did not just drop it somewhere in the desert. It is back up in the mouth of some cave, probably a cave behind a water fall…yes, we do have water falls in New Mexico and yes, Mr. Fenn could have gotten there very easily….Remember it is north of Santa Fe, above 5000 feet (which is about anywhere), and it is not buried, but you can see it if you are close. He claims some have been within 200 feet of the treasure, which is all the more reason I think it is behind a small water fall…..Have you got vacation plans this year…This treasure is a “real” treasure….gold nuggets, gold coins, rubies, emeralds, oh, and I don’t know what all else. Order yourself a map from the state of New Mexico, make Santa Fe or Abiquiu your base, and go to looking. Couple of words of caution, keep your car full of gas, take plenty of water and snacks and look out for snakes….And enjoys the views…Oh, did I say that he said you could “smell the pines”…

.Forrest Pilot

A photo of Fenn from earlier days….and Mr. Fenn with his treasure chest…


Five Star Plumbing….Rio Rancho, NM

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If you have plumbing needs in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque, please remember Five Star Plumbing for good, honest, dependable work and fair pricing for their services. They have done several jobs for me and they are very pleasant, hard working and very fair …They have been in business a few months now and I am happy to refer them to you. A young man, just starting out and he will treat you right. Oh, did I say that he is my grandson…but all I say is true…I’m proud of him..

Five Star Plumbing

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

License number: 381734


Black Folk, White Folk….Stay Level Headed Folk…A Must

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What is going on in our nation is bad. Bad when a criminal is mistreated by the police, white or black, and it is happening in all mayor cities in our nation. And happening much more than we would want to admit. It’s bad when protesters become rioters and looters…Many police shootings have happened here in Albuquerque, some shot with mental conditions whose families called for help. Shooting was the restraint used at least once..It is bad when it does happen…But we must wait on the justice system to react and handle the injustices when they happen. Many times the person being arrested makes matters worse when he fights or flees the police, the worst thing they can do as that act really makes them appear guilty of that crime or a worse crime. In Ferguson and Baltimore, the looting and rioting was totally uncalled for and makes the protesters involved with the crimes of stealing and arson just as guilty as those that they are protesting about. Black and White, we have to keep a level head and deal with the issues like civil people. Blacks need to call down those that are looting and burning….that’s not protesting, that is rioting and they should be arrested. Whites need to control themselves upon seeing that the blacks are involved, usually young adults, and not agitate the situation…Children should be home after dark and not out on the streets of any city. It falls on the adults in the family to control their children. And the adults involved in the rioting should be arrested themselves….. So, let’s those of us who have a reasonable level of IQ try to talk some sense to those who feel that more than protesting needs to be done….Burning and looting only magnifies the problems, making things worse for all…Law enforcement needs help of the citizens in these cases, and those citizens must remain level headed….Pete Hester


Ruben Navarrette, Jr’s Latest…Albuquerque Journal, 4/23/15

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Well, Mr. Navarrette is trying to get Hillary to support the Latino immigrants…again…He always writes in support of the Latino’s, as if they are family and it is US against THEM…..I would wish that one day he would be concerned about America and where we are economically and understand that we are not against anyone as a people but we are for all Americans….Your bloodline is of no importance to me or any of my kin. I am not concerned about England and the people who live there or want to immigrate to America….I am an American…You are an American…Lets fight for those things that are important to Americans and our economy….  But, he did hit a home run on a couple of thoughts on Hillary which I thought were great. One, “she only thinks about the Latinos when she has a burrito in her hand” and two, on her knowledge of the Latino’s was, “she is one taco shy of a combination plate”…..Two great lines….You can read his article in today’s Albuquerque Journal, 4/23/15 and make up your own mind. Ruben does not write about Americans, he always writes about those in this country illegally….Why he is cut that way is beyond me…Yeah, I know I’m thick headed, but at least I admit it….

Albuquerque Water…..Still No Jet Fuel…

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We received a report on our drinking water a few days ago….It is still good water…Good tasting water I might add…..New reports show the jet fuel is not headed northeast toward our closest wells, but rather is head north….So we remain in good stead as far as not having a jet fuel cocktail for drinking. The Air Force people are continuing to drill wells to recover the jet fuel from the aquifer and hopefully those efforts will soon pay off. In case you have forgotten, Kirtland Air Force Base had a major spill of a reported 6 to 24 million gallons of jet fuel, and they are not sure for how long it spilled or the exact amount loss. I’m still amazed by that last statement of amount unknown. (Inventory control, It’s amount in minus amount out equals amount on hand. If it does not add up, you have a loss. That’s pretty basis stuff, huh?) So, it’s a bunch of jet fuel lost for a bunch of years. Wow ….Back to the report on our water, all the parts per million and parts per billion of the bad stuff is very much under control according to the analysis….That was good news for all us Albuquerque residents…..Good job for the city and county water workers for a very nice and thorough report….

Wildlife…South Rim of the Grand Canyon

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2010 DenHes Vacation 0562010 DenHes Vacation 0582010 DenHes Vacation 063An unexpected sight on the south rim of the Grand Canyon….These two elk were just off the parking lot giving all the visitors a chance to do some picture taking…Some of the photographers were getting pretty close, including my son-in-law who shot these pictures and a few others. The little fellow displayed absolutely no fear of heights. He played all around that cliff….

Water Consumption …Albuquerque vs California

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A couple of years ago the city of Albuquerque asked it’s people to reduced water consumption in an all out effort to reduce water usage in the city. The people listened and responded….very well I might add. In 1995 our usage was 251 gallons per person per day. The last record, I think it was taken in late 2014, however, not real sure on this, but it was recorded at 135 gallons per person. Looking my bill over last time, I was not really a winner, however, we used 175 gallons per person in my household. We don’t have a lot of grass, but we do have a backyard that requires a lot of water and along with Sweetie’s plants probably accounts for that. If things get worst, we can cut back more if we need to. Out in California they are having severe problems with drought and because of the United States depending on the fruits and vegetables  that California produces, California’s problem is a problem for all of us. So, I am hoping the folks out there will work to limit their water usage until we get some more rain and snowfall. According to this morning’s paper the usage out there went up instead of down in the latest check on usage…..Listen, folks of California, this is pretty serious stuff. The rest of America is counting on you to respond to this call to reduce water consumption…..I hope it does not get worse and I know you do also….America thanks you for your fruits and vegetables and we want that service to continue…..We need you…