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Boxing Match…Starring Otis Vaughn and Pete Hester

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-03-2019


Pickens County High School, Reform, Al circa 1953

Today Otis Vaughn is boxing for his health…and he says it is helping his Parkinson’s. I am so glad that it is. He puts in a lot of time making it so and there are dedicated people aiding him in making it happen. I think it is a wonderful story about how his PD has gotten much better. (see the postings below about that). I hope it will continue improving. His only boxing experience has been with his older brother….oh, and me. I told you that he is my best friend, and he is, but he wasn’t always my best friend. So, let me tell you our story.

I attended the Pickens County Alabama school system for all of my 12 years of elementary, middle school and high school years. Otis moved into our school system about his sophomore year of school as I recall. I knew him a little our sophomore year, but really it was our junior year when the fireworks started.

Now, Otis does not really remember all of this because most of it was taking place in my mind. I thought he was making a play for my girlfriend and I also thought he was trying to get the right half back position on the football team….my position. So, I started objecting to every thing Otis did. But Otis did push back so the bickering started.

I did not think our coach noticed such going on between players, but he certainly did notice.

One day during PE Coach had had enough. He pulled a set of boxing gloves out of the gym that I did not even know existed and told the guys in PE that day to gather round and make a circle. And he told Otis and me to fight and to keep fighting until we could not fight any more. They were big heavy gloves. Thinking back on it I’m pretty sure they were 10 ounce gloves….10 ounces when we started….by the time we finished they must have weighted a ton. I cannot say today just how long we fought, but it seemed like forever. I had fought my cousin Cecil several times and we both boxed, jabbed and threw upper cuts, etc…Otis on the other hand threw haymakers, lots of haymakers…..I could see them coming and jab Otis two or three times with my puny jabs and try to block those haymakers…blocking did not help as they would jar me down to my eye teeth and not all of them were blocked, the ones not block took it’s toll on my body. If we strayed away from the center of the ring, some of our good buddies would push us back to the center of the circle. The fight seemed to go on forever. I thought the boy would never get tired. Finally, when both our arms were hanging down by our sides and we literally could not lift our arms, coach stepped in….”Boys, lets take these gloves off and you two shake hands.” I was ready, believe me.

Now, I can’t really speak for Otis, but as for me, I came away from that day with a new respect for Otis Vaughn. I don’t think either of us was a victor in that battle on that day but I really know that we both won….FRIENDS FOR LIFE….Thank you Coach H. C. Elmore for a very valuable lesson. And thank you Otis Vaughn for being my friend.  Pete Hester