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Cowboys around Claunch, NM

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-05-2009


Well, some of you might be ready for a new subject matter. You can just forget it for a while. The memories are just too fresh and vivid for me to move on now. I want to tell you about some folks I met and visited with. First, I want to tell you about two cowboys, real cowboys, not your city slicker, clothes buying type. I mean horse riding, steer roping, stepping in the cow shi….I mean stepping in the manure type cowboys. First, two young men that are something else, they have your cowboy boots, blue jeans, cowboy hats, and all that, but they walk the walk and talk the talk and both of them are four years old, Tye and Ernie, butTye let me know he was the oldest. Ten years down the road they will be molded into some fine young men. That’s the only two I will name is this post but, of the others,  the first one I met was there with a pickup load of stuff for the new baby. I know you think I’m lying, but as the old saying goes, no sir-ree-bob, I ain’t. Four of us went to unloading that dang pickup. And other that my host, of course, I met a couple of cowboys who had been branding all day and came over to visit. Both of them were your gen-u-wine type cowboys as well. Later, a family came over, a couple and their three sons, all student down at Carrizozo and all real cowboys, and they had been branding all day. There were some of my family members there, better said, some of my wife’s family members and they are all musican singers. The music went on way past my bedtime and I stayed up later than normal. It was such a good time. It will be etched into my memory for a while….. ok, I’ll try to move on to other subject matter, but I reserve the right to bring up Claunch again if another serious story hits me……..

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