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Coal Fire, Alabama

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-05-2009


DSC04196Ok, so let us jump from the big city of Claunch, NM to the bigger city of Coal Fire, AL. Right on highway US 82, between Columbus, MS and Tuscaloosa, AL lies this quiet community. It has been quiet since most of us cousins left there a few years ago. There may have been a few others in between. For me, a few years in this context could be fifty years or so, longer for a few,  shorter for others. One or two cousins are still close to home, others at some distance. At 1212 miles, I might be the one furtherest (is that a word) from Coal Fire.  All of the cousins plan a get together in July, 2009. A little history on Coal Fire. At one time, according to my Dad, there were 3 steam sawmills operating in Coal Fire and at that time the population was around 800. Dad operated a barber shop for several of those years in down town Coal Fire. Between our house and the small store, at the time I first remember, there was a built up area that Dad said was where the railroad tracks that ran from the main line to the mills located north of US 82 and slightly west. Anyway, in the next few days I will make other post on Coal Fire, including comments on the creek that all of us cousins remember so well, the coldest dad-gum creek that I know of. I doubt that it has warmed up any. You folks write me if it is over 65 degrees now-a-days. With global warming, maybe it is warmer now. You remember how our lips would turn blue in just a short time?…. Let me know……..

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Nadine, Nadine… it is so true. Read my bio, my place of birth….. The creek where I learned to swim in spite of the 65 degree water. No kidding, our lips would turn blue if we stayed in the water too long. Dear girl, I am sorry you missed out on Coal Fire…….

Marina was born and raised in a place in the Phillippines known as Ambitacay. The first time she saw the water in Coal Fire creek one day as we walked through the swamp she commented that it looked like oil flowing out of the ground. That comment through me for a loop since I had always viewed the water in Coal Fire creek as the coldest, the cleanest, most refreshing water in the world. It does help to have a fresh, unbiased opinion on most anything. It took my wife to help me to see that the water in Coal Fire creek was simply just another creek filled with polluted water so common in other parts of the world. Nostalgia sharpens the memories of the familiar, but it is really just another polluted creek among thousands meandering its way towards a polluted ocean.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen the waters of Coal Fire Creek, so a cannot say….but I am surprised..thanks, pete

Last I checked, the creek was freezing.

Pete, are you the son of Web Hester?

To Annette, yes I am the youngest son of Webb Hester. Wrtie me an let me know you connection to Coal Fire. Good hearing from you.

Sparrow, you came into the web site under spam but since you swan in Coal Fire Creek I had to publish your post. Please let me know you connection to Coal Fire Creek. I look forward to hearing from you.

How did Coal Fire get its name?



Incredible story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

Well, we had the reunion and took pictures of the creek and learned that
it has not warmed any in the last fifty years. But you know what? As cold as
that old creek is, it still warms my heart and floods my mind with some
wonderful memories. Thanks for stopping by and come back to see me….

wonderful points altogether, you just received a brand new reader.
What would you suggest about your put up that you simply made a few days ago?

Any positive?

Read my uncompleted novel, “Follow The Sun”. Since I cannot make any money publishing my
books, maybe I can make some friends by letting people read them for free. This is a work
in progress. Try it….Thanks, Pete Hester

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