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Cousins, Chapter Eight, Summer Vacation

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads | Posted on 02-02-2010


From my book on the teenage cousins of the 1950 in Pickens County, AL, this chapter is about spending all summer working on a swimming hole and all that happened concerning that particular swimming hole. The story is true, to a point, with the writer taking many liberties and changing some names and maybe altering a few facts here and there….It was a good summer…Some of you Pickens County boys will remember this swimming hole. Click on the high lighted print to read,…Chapter Eight, Summer Vacation

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Pete, you did an excellent job on Chapter Eight of Cousins. Although the names, places, situation has changed, it brought me right back to the event as it actually occurred. The ending brought me back to a vivid mental image of the dam-breaking. Although there was actually no swimming in the hole after the dam broke, your description of Doug’s necked body diving into the muck and the mire certainly vividly illustrated the consequences to the stream from the entire project. Just think, if Dad decided to do that project today, it would take five years and forty engineers to get the environmental impact statement ready and approved, if ever. It is no wonder that farming and industry, especially the chemical industry, in this country is running from these shores with mach-3 speed.

I suggest that you write a sequel, perhaps in the form of Chapter Nine, where you tell about the rebuilding of the swimming hole and the dam the following summer because it was rebuilt once. You may not remember the rebuilt one because you may have left home for the Air Force by then, but take that writer license in hand and wing it.

We actually swam in the stream while it was still muddy and running full. Your cousin Harold made that jack knife dive. It was a beautiful dive and we did swim naked as jay birds. The description of his face was real, with the mud, leaves and trash in his hair and on his face. I can still see his feet sticking up and kicking as he tried to back out of the mess he dove into. It really was a fun summer. No, I don’t think I remember rebuilding the dam but the original it was a great feat for us cousins, or so we thought. Pete

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