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Cousins, Chapter Nine, Alligator Gar

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads | Posted on 09-02-2010


From the book Cousins I have added another story to the downloads. I invite you to read it and I hope you enjoy it. I used the name Middle Creek in the book….It is really Coal Fire Creek…I should have used its real name, huh? click on the blue print…

We did have a swimming hole with a huge cypress stump out in the very middle of the creek. I don’t recall exactly how big it was, but several of us boys could sit on it at the same time. When Coal Fire Creek was running clear you could often see this big alligator gar swimming around the hole. I am pretty sure he was as long as us boys were tall. It was a scary sight to behold. Here is the story as one cousin told it, truth stretched somewhat, but ball park, kinda, well….,ok, here it is the way I wrote it….Cousins, Chapter Nine, Alligator Gar

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