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Write on

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 28-05-2009


Write, write, you writing man, turn out the words, you know you can, write about riding and rustling and stuff, about gunmen and flozzies, spittoons a’float: about shoot outs on main street, and jail breaks and hanging, horses a bucking; write something, oh wordsmith, just don’t leave us dangling.

There are some words in there somewhere, I just got to put them together. Let me see, horses, rye whiskey, corrals, damn sheep herders and farmers, barb wire fences,  tumblesweeds, by golly, I think I”m getting it…….

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Hey Saurooon, I don’t think you have seen that before. I wrote it as I typed the post, seeing as how I have had another writers block in Chapter Four of my latest. I did recover from that blockage only to have another in Chapter Six. Maybe it gets worst with age. Oh, heavens…….

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Annette, you and your friends or classmates or whatever came from the same link so I am assuming that all the backlinkteam.de, as you show up on my site are from the same area. But, wharever you are classmates or friends, it made my day to have all of you respond so kindly to my postings. Pass on to the rest of your associates that my downloads are available for you to read…I hope you will try them.
Come back to see me again….Pete Hester

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