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Cousins Chapter 12 Distant Cousins

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads | Posted on 29-04-2010


Here is another of my chapters from my “Cousins” book  that was based on a real happenings. Again, some names are changed and some tall tales told, but the cousin almost drowning was very real and frightening. Click on the blue title to read. It will be stored in he downloads for future readings.Chapter 12, Distant Cousins. This book has never been published but I did copyright it in the year 2000. I hope you enjoy it….Pete

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I just wanted to comment about how much I enjoyed Chapter 12, Distant Cousins. As one who lived through the events described in the chapter and as one of the “younger cousins” who did not have full and complete knowledge of the background event on which the chapter is based, essentially my only negative criticism is that the chapter is too short. It doesn’t give guite enough detail of the events leading up to the near-drowning incident, the cause of the near-drowning, nor sufficient detail of the effect and recovery from what could have been a fatal event. It did well in terms of jogging the memory of someone who lived through the time of the events of the chapter (although not one of the actual participants); but, in terms of a potential reader, who is completely unfamiliar with the events of the chapter, I feel that there is not sufficient detail to grab the attention and interest of an unknown potential reader (and certainly not that of an editor who must decide on rather to risk the expense of publication.

I liked the homely expressions that created the setting for the event like “C.C. making four dollars a week stacking lumber” as well as the “fish and Minnow” game; but these expressions, although colorful and descriptive, do not make all that much sense to the uninitiated reader who is coming into the place and time of the chapter for the first time and who does not know anything about the color and the saga of the times. That is the reason that I think that more detail and/or information is needed, especially colorful information concerning the events leading to the near-fatal drowning, the consequencies, as well as the lasting affects on the subjects future life.

It is a good chapter, but it is more like a short story than merely a chapter in a longer saga.

Thank you for the comments. Cousins is a series of short stories but with the same characters throughout. It was my first attempt at writing and admittedly the writing is not very good. When I asked the Lord to help we write I forgot to ask him to help me be good at it….But I just keep ploding on and probably will never make the grade…that’s ok, though, as I enjoy trying…

The Lord will help anyone to write (or to do anything) only to the extent that the individual is willing to “plod on”, learning and improving as he goes. I meant my comments concerning my reactions to what is written to be helpful and not malicious. If they are not helpful, just cast them aside, ignore them, or even use the infamous “delete” key and get rid of them forever.

I began to explore the process of taking up writing, both as a hobby and as a profession, back when I was attending the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in the early Sixties. I was led into the project by the need of some easy “grip” courses that would generate some much needed quality points to help stimulate my chemistry career. At least, in this respect, it did help. The quality points earned in my grammar, writing, journalism and literature courses made the difference between a “C” level QPA and a “B” level in which I graduated. The value of these courses and the interests and skills that they stimulated were immeasurable, however, when I later began Seminary training, first, at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and then, at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, these skills became critical to my success in that pursuit. Except for their effect on my world view and on my understanding of the universe and God’s place it it, my chemistry skills were not all that helpful during my seminary training. My writing skills, though, were invaluable; and they made the difference in my ability to turn out the required 30 to 50 term papers each semester without so much red ink that they would appear saturated with blood (tears maybe, but not blood). I might even become a preacher if I could translate these writing skills into oratorical ones. (I did not have access to Barack Obama’s teleprompter.) I know that my ability to do this would really make my Momma happy because I am sure that she went to her grave wondering why I bothered to become a licensed preacher at my home church and attend seminary for three years and end up in chemistry as a “lab rat”. It has been an enjoyable pilgrimage, and one that is continuing with only God knowing where it might lead; however, writing has been a very important part of that journey. I owe most of it to one of my favorite teacher at PCHS, Wilma Taylor, who began my wild-eyed interest and enthusiam for language, particularly the English language and its literature.

You are very good. Ms. Taylor taught you well….

Thank you for such a fantastic blog. Where else could one get this kind of info written in such an incite full way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been looking for such information.

Wallace, thank you for the kind comments and thank you for coming by to visit. Pete

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