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My Cousins, Really

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-06-2009


cousins pictureHere we are… A couple of them have passed away…I am in the photo and I will let you guess where for a few days. I’d guess 1945 or so on the date of this photo….  ok, back row, second from right… That’s what you guessed, right?..

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I really don’t know what the date is so I guess 1945 is as good as any. Weren’t we a motley little crew of ragamuffins? I guess you realize that the ones that have passed away are all my siblings?

Thanks Sandra. Yes, I did realize that your siblings had all passed away or as it says in 1 and 2 Kings, “rested with their fathers” and we both miss them so much… I have tried to remember who was taking the picture. I think it was Aunt Jaunita, as Scott is trying to crawl toward the camera.

After I thought about what I had written, I realized that you and I are the only 2 who have lost both parents and all brothers and sisters.

It is really sad that both of you have lost both parents and all brothers and sisters. I sure do miss them. Everyday, I think about how small my family is compared to Dwight’s and many of my acquaintances. Were their lives extra hard or did their lives end too soon or were they much older than other people my age families? All I know is I miss them very much!

Thanks Elisa. Yes, we miss them all. Since you came along later in life you missed some of the family growing up and also we were not a large family ever so combined you did miss out to a dgree. I am hoping is that the time with our family, though short, was a blessing to you. They were not rich but they were so full of love for us. Pete

1945! Don’t Kenneth, Doug, and I look very old for four-year-old brats? I see that I was still sucking my thumb, but I think I was older than four years in this picture. After all, my wife still gets onto me for sucking my thumb on occasion.

The house was torn down in the 1948-1949 timeframe when Dad used the best virgin lumber in it to build the old house that is currently standing. I was in the second grade and seven years of age when we moved into this house. This picture must have been taken in the 1946-1947 timeframe. Since Granddaddy Iverson died during the spring (or summer) of 1946, I vote that this picture was taken during the family get-to-gether for the funeral. That will make me at least five (or rapidly approaching six) in this picture, also Kenneth and Douglas. I submit that we look more like grammar school brats than kindergarten brats.

ok, you win. I do not know and I will go with anyone who claims to know. Any other votes, my cousins? Scott could probably tell us since he appears to be crawling, maybe toddling. Thanks for you comments. Pete
ps this picture was made at your Aunt Noits house, not the old place as you indicated. Pete

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