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Mountain Dew/Beebe, Ark 2011…..Can someone update this?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-01-2011


1000 birds  dropping out of the sky?…..You remember the old song, Mountain Dew…..One line goes something like, “the buzzards in the sky get so drunk they can’t fly, from smelling that good old Mountain Dew.” …I just wonder if that could be what happened….We may have to coin a new phrase, “drunk while flying”….Anyway, I hope they can figure it out…Strange, huh….1000 birds just falling out of the sky….really strange….ps…now the fish are dying, the drum fish. Black birds and drum fish…..what is going on in Arkansas? …….I  think we can rule out the mountain dew….That is very amazing…If it was a hail storm for the birds, it would have gotten more than one variety(black bird)…..If it was some type pollution it would have gotten more than one species of fish (drum). I hope the investigative powers in that state soon come up with some answers…

This posting goes back to 2011….Does anyone have an update on this happening? Surely it was not he Mountain Dew? Or was it?

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Nah! These birds are razorbacks. They just got confused on their southward trek towards New Orleans and ran out of gas before getting there.

There is also the report of a fish kill about 100 miles to the west of Beebe. Some of those razorbacks were trying to swim to New Orleans. They got confused too. Once the razorbacks do make it to New Orleans, I hope they don’t get confused when they see Ohio State enter the Superdome.

Something just ain’t right with the birds and the bees, er, fish there in your home state….I hope someone is concerned and looking into a possible cause…Don’t you?

Not really! This isn’t the first time that birds have fallen from the sky either in Arkansas, Australia, or even New Mexico. This is just the first time that they fell from the sky onto someone’s frontyard, and the international Media and Internet picked it up and broadcast lie after lie across the world. Flocks of birds have flown into unstable air and gotten caught up in updrafts, and have frozen in high altitude frigid air since the beginning of time. This is just the first time that their fate has been caught up in internet and Media frenzy and broadcast around the world. As far as the fishes are concerned, there are diseases that afflict the fishes just as there are diseases that afflict humankind. As far as the air, water, and environment in Arkansas is concerned, they are the cleanest and the healthiest in the world. Even our Lord said, pointing at a bird in the sky, even all the kings of the world are not arrayed as one of these, yet they take no thought concerning their arrayment because the Lord provides it all. Their life is short, and death is sad, but life goes on. This is a valuable part of God’s plan. It is a valuable lesson for man to learn if we ever learn individual flight. Look out for those updrafts and downdrafts because they can be deadly.

well, if it were just a few thousand birds, maybe I would agree, I say, maybe I would agree….With the fish now, I don’t know…I would like to hear professionals profess as to the profound potential of poultry plunging from the skies and the fish flipping and flapping up-side-down, will have on our party. It is disturbiing, if you ask me….Mighty disturbing….

Birds have dropped from the sky long before you and I were born, and they will drop from the sky long after we are gone. Flying is a hazardous occupation, especially in bad weather and especially in an era of global warming, whether man caused or natural. It is especially hazardous when one’s only protection is a coat of downy feathers. Man will find that out when he finally does conquer individual flight. As for the fishes, there is a such a thing as over-population and disease cause by the over-population. Man is beginning to find that out too. Haiti is a case in point. The fact that the two incidences happened at almost the same time almost within 50 miles of each other is just a coincidence. It is disturbing, but over-population and over-proliferation are the disturbing elements.

Please allow me to give an update on this Hesterbooks blog. According to the news this morning, it has finally been determined that the black birds falling out of the sky near Beebe, Arkansas was caused by trauma induced by exploding News Years fireworks that exploded too close to where the birds were roosting. The sudden explosions while roosting induced trauma and confused the entire flock into flying out of formation with no sense of direction. As for as the fishes are concerned, no determination as yet has been made, but they are working on it. In an age of over population and people proliferation, perhaps it is time to place some control over private fireworks displays.

Birds are continuing to die. Just today there is a report that 300 blackbirds were found dead near Athens in Limestone County, Alabama. It appears that the birds were struck by a large object like, for example, a tractor-trailer rig. Also, there was another recent blackbird kill at Scottsboro in Jackson County, Alabama. It is tough to be a bird these days. It appears that they can’t sleep for the fireworks. They can’t fly for the tractor-trailer rigs. It appears that the world is simply not big enough for all of the birds, the bees, and the people to live peaceably together. Most pundits are still blaming global warming and never even considering the real cause of overpopulation. Too many people and too many things in a shrinking world.

Maybe, but I am still not certain that fireworks were the villian. You know fireworks went of last year and the year before and this past year the building rate had slowed tremendously. I’m just not buying into that theory just yet. So, I am saying the bird/fireworks theory is sounding fishy…And the fish thing is fishy-er than the bird thing….We’ll keep watching…

I only reported the news as I heard it, but we can’t always believe what we hear and see on the news any more. The birds were certainly spooked by something. There was no evidence of disease, bacteria, malnutrition, or starvation. It was a healthy flock of birds as far as the biologists, ethnologists, and environmentalist could tell. Since it happened around New Years, I strongly suspect spooking by fireworks. You have been away from redneck country so long, you have forgotten how rednecks operate. Rednecks think they are okay if they fire their rockets into the woods away from settlements and houses, not realizing that is where the birds are likely to roost, as if they really had a second thought for the birds. In this case, the culprit is fireworks. In Alabama, it may or may not have been a tractor-trailer rig, but it was obvious that they were hit hard by something big. It may have been a low flying airplane, or the birds may have been drunk Auburn Tigers confused by their wins in Atlanta and Phoenix, and flew into a tree. They would have had to have been drunk on jubilation and exhilaration, though, because there was no evidence of alcohol or other poisonous chemical in their bodies. Nevertheless, something hit them and hit them hard. Perhaps it was wayward Oregon Ducks on their annual migration to Florida. The bottom line of the entire problem is too many people and too many things in a shrinking world.

2017….Has there been an official ruling on the birds and fish death from 2011? There must have been two or three people working on it?

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