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Antelope near Claunch

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-06-2009


Well, I was going to write about all the antelope around Claunch, but I went to Wikipedia and found out that they are not antelope, but they are pronghorns and they are sometimes called pronghorn antelope, but there are no real antelope in New Mexico….Well, excuse me….All this time I have been calling them antelope…Well, anyway, there are a bunch of those suckers down around Claunch. A couple of them were out on the road side of the barb wire fence and went to running as our car approached. They went through, not over, not under, but through that fence at full speed and if they broke stride it was not noticeable. Out in Arizona they are talking about taking the barb off the lowest fence to protect them….That might not be a bad idea..Wikipedia says them old dudes can run fast and are second only to the cheetah in land speed, but they can run longer than the cheetah…That’s good if the cheetah gave them a head start, I reckon..Really folks, they are a beautiful animal and there are a bunch of them down around Claunch, NM…You might want to drive down there just to see them….A good Sunday afternoon drive,  just remember there ain’t no soda pop sold in Claunch nowadays…….

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I want to thank the person, from Russia, maybe, or some other far away place who left the message in his or her native tougue. I would have posted it if I could have read it. Write me again if you will, but please, I have trouble enough with English, you know, so speak or write slow old south stuff and maybe a touch of New Mexician, si, you savy…..ok, then, we’re good to go…..

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