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South Carolina

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-07-2009


A few years ago my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Charleston, SC and staying there several days. It is a beautiful city with stately old homes and mansions, all well maintained and I hope they still are. We took the dinner cruise that, at that time, took one down Ashley River and in the harbors or is that Charleston Bay?, past Fort Sumter on by the Naval Station there. Just a wonderful evening and good food. While there we toured the USS Yorktown, and seems like there was a submarine and another ship of two. It has been many years and our memory has clouded some, but we remember the good feelings when our mind takes us back to that time. Why do I think of it now? Well, I guess the governor of that state prompted some of those memories. Why is it that something like what he did that hurts all of us?…Those of us miles away and in no way involved in his life or family?…I suppose it is the television and experiencing and seeing the hurt with the individuals and hurting for them…Am I passing judgment?….No, I have also done stupid things and I just wonder how our thinking gets so screwed up at times…God loves them both, the governor and his wife, and I hope it works out for them in the long run…..

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