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Love where you live!!!!

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-07-2009


I hope you love where you live. Life is so short that you should not waste it living somewhere you do not want to be. When we say, I’m home, to me it means I am complete, I can relax, my heart, brain, feet, are all happy ’cause they are at peace. I hope you can say that and feel that. There are lots of places that may be prettier than New Mexico and have more waters and lakes, etc., but I can sit on my back patio and see the Sandia Mountains, twenty miles away and it is like they are just right there. I can step in my front drive and see Mount Taylor over near Grants, NM, approximately 84 miles away, always snow capped in winter. Also, from my back porch in the evenings I can  watch God take his paint brush and paint the most beautiful sunsets imaginable. My friends, I am at peace…..How God has blessed me….I pray you are at peace also….

Please permit me to make a correction, I can not see Mount Taylor from my driveway. I have to drive a couple of blocks because of obstructions….But then I can see it…and also from a few blocks away I can see the mountains around Santa Fe….I am still happy….

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I used to live in Estancia, New Mexico. I remember my first garden I planted. Having come there from Oregon, I planted my garden about March like I’d done in the great northwest. Big mistake. By the time the high desert spring winds finished blowing, I had watched my garden go back and forth in front of my house about 20 times. The neighbors were at first puzzled and then we all had a good laugh. The old joke about the kid who practiced his tuba out in the back yard one spring when those winds came up quick and caught him before he could get inside. Screwed him into the ground like a corkscrew and it took county rescue 3 days to get him out. Ah yes. I remember New Mexican humor.

It is great you “Love where you live!!!!” I wish I could say the same thing about where I live. My home town is a very sad comparison today to what it was fifty years ago. If I could only move, but how would I ever sale my house? No one wants to come to a place that has lost its vest for life. There is not a pretty view from my home and the beauty continues to deminish daily.

Nothing like a spring in our part of the world, huh. But, beyond that, it is a good place. No sitting on the patio in spring, for sure. Pete

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