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Army Air Field series of short stories..by E. V. Pete Hester..3/16/12 edit

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads | Posted on 16-03-2012


Army Air Field

Army Air Field, Return

Army Air Field, Identity

Army Air Field, The Truth

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Pete, I read with enjoyment your Army Airfield series of stories. I read them quickly mostly for the enjoyment. I will reread them again more slowly, but I must say that I was sometimes confused in the way that you handled the mechanical aspect of time travel. Time travel is really difficult for a writer to handle effectively. It is best done in a way that the reader least expects it, making the story progress naturally as time progresses. The writer should not have to explain it in so many words each time it occurs, but it should seem to occur almost naturally, at least, unobtrusively, to the natural progression of the story. In my opinion, your explanations of it interfered with the natural progression of the story.

ok, you write your story and we will compare…Pete

You don’t understand! I am not interested in writing stories about time travel. Time, to me, is only linear beginning with the Creation and ending with that great consummation, in which we all look forward and almost none of us understand. But, when I read a story which uses time travel, I like it to be as natural and as unobtrusive as possible in the natural course of things. I am only saying that time travel can be extremely helpful to the development of the plot of a narrative, but it is difficult for any writer to handle effectively. As for me, I wouldn’t attempt it. I’m not smart enough, and I’m not that good a writer.

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