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Hispanic Population Soars In U. S.

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-02-2013


So says the front page article of the Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 addition of the Albuquerque Journal. I can only ask, “where you been folks?”.  It Further states, “population explodes by 47% nation wide, underscoring the political muscle Latinos showed in the 2012 elections. Also, “bringing our total Hispanic population to about 52 million….Me talking now, and when we add the additional 11 million by granting amnesty the democrats can count on a bountiful election records for the future. The paper states, “The skyrocketing growth of the U. S. Hispanics assures they will continue to influence political life…..” Well, dud, thanks for sharing that. And do any of us believe we can stop the illegal flow from across the border?….I am not picking on my American Hispanic friends…I have many. And they are not the problem.. The new comers come day and night and they are not invited. If our own population would do the work the illegals perform we would not have a problem at all. We are too lazy……But, boys and girls, in case you have not noticed we have our hands full taking care of our present population now and we are going to keep adding more? …We can vote for more and more benefits but the bank account is already overdrawn and we may have a “come to Jesus” meeting in March and the balance of 2013. And that would be complements of our congress and our “voting population”. Think I am wrong? Well, then I hope you are right, however, we should soon know…..

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Finally the Albuquerque Journal got something right even if it did take them a long time. The fact has been quite evident for sometime here in Arkansas. Every time I attend church with my catholic wife, I’ve noticed that our church is now more than half Hispanic. We are now having more bilingual masses than English ones. The priests in the Arkansas Diocese have to be fluent in both English and Spanish in order to function. This has happened within the past 20 years. They first began to come to northwest Arkansas to work in the chicken processing plants (Tyson Foods and others), but now they are spreading all over this and surrounding states, anywhere there is work to do. The second Mexican War has begun, and the Mexicans are winning this one. Andy Jackson, Sam Houston, and Stephen F. Austin can’t help us with this one. The failed cannons of the Alamo were silenced long ago. This time the battle is fought on a different battlefield, and the Hispanics are winning just because of their faith, and their ability to proliforate. This time we will just have to welcome them with open arms and learn a little Spanish (as they learn a little English), so we can communicate, and prepare for our Christian destiny together.

In retrospect, it is not a bad thing. After all, Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic and Christian. It is not like we were being invaded by radical Muslim terrorists. They have strong, Christian-bonded family units, and they are just about the only portion of the population who are still procreating. It is time to thank our last dollar as it goes to establish and to educate these people and welcome them at the border. If some of them are illegal, then that is our own fault for not enforcing our own borders and our own laws, for not establishing a decent and easier way that they could have come legally. The illegals would have come from any country in Asia, Africa, and Europe had the vasts oceans been as easy to cross as the muddy, almost dry, Rio Grande. Let’s not blame those who came from Mexico simply because they could come easily. They would have come from any country had it been as easy.

I will welcome any who come in through the front door. We have to obey the law and those who jump the fence or dig under the fence to gain entry are law breakers and should not be rewarded in any fashion. Green card workers are sorely needed and they should get their visa before coming into the USA. And learn some English before coming.

In a perfect world, you’re right, but this is not a perfect world because the entrance of the illegals is largely our own (our government’s) fault. We didn’t enforce our own laws which control our borders. We have let them in. Now, let’s learn at least enough of their language to get along with them and to make them our friends, so we can face this ole cruel world together. It’s a heck of a lot better than rounding up and deporting 52 million people even if that were possible. Even if it was possible, what country would take them? It would be just like Uncle Sam to buy a third world country somewhere and to spend another three quadrillion dollars to deport and to establish them there as another peaceful, freedom-loving, America-loving country, in order that it might be allied with us, yet that is ready to destroy us at the first opportunity. Mistakes of the past does not demand more mistakes of the future when the friendship, neighborlessness, and the acceptance of them as brothers will produce brothers (and sisters) for eternity, that is, if the Christian religion really means anything at all.

No. 1, a law breaker is a law breaker. Robber, killer, thief know they are breaking the law. Is it the police’s fault that they did not stop them in advance. Come on. And yes, we can let them in and the influx will continue to grow. Let’s put up a sign, “Your tax dollars at work.” Why not go down and improve the government of Mexico and we can start a south bound exodus. And I know from previous post that you are not all that fond of taxes and someone has to pay. Past amnesty has been part of the problem and future amnesty will not solve the problem.

I agree! But there is no such thing as a law breaker of a law that is not enforced. If a law is not worthy of enforcement, then it is not a law. The fact is they are here in great numbers, and their numbers are increasing. We must do something with them. Our government does not have the will to deport them. It evidently does not have the will to fortify a 2000 mile border sufficiently to keep them from coming. It may be cheaper to just annex Mexico and make it a fifty-first state. I’m kidding, but it wouldn’t be much worse than annexing Hawaii as the fiftieth state in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean that is perhaps more Asian than American and that gave Barack Obama, Kenyan born and Indonesian rasied, the opportunity to become President when he is obviously not a native born American and constitutionally qualified. If we can survive after the annexation of Hawaii as our fiftieth state as a country that is a melting pot for all people, faiths, and cultures, we can survive the annexation of Mexico (or at least the vast portion of it that decides to come across the border illegally merely in search of a better life). Therefore, we have a choice. That choice is to establish another Monroe Doctrine for the 21st century and build fortified walls around the country enforced by the brunt of our military might to keep the country racially pure. The alternative choice is to do the Christian thing by throwing our borders wide open and taking literally the words of the Lady of Liberty in New York Harbor and welcome the tired, the poor, the unemployed, and the destitute in spite of their racial, ethnic, and culturing differences. If there is any truth to the Christian religion at all, then Heaven will be like that, at least for all believers, someday. Can’t we make an effort to prove that Christianity will work? After all, they are already here. They are not going away with the blink of an eve. Christianity is not going to a Baptist or a Catholic Church on Sunday (or twice a year) spouting meaningless words whether in English, Spanish, Latin, Greek, or Hebrew, but Christianity is the act of living with and accepting all of the human peoples around the world in humility and love as our Lord Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated during His life.

You put a lot more in that comment than I care to answer. That’s all I have to say about that…..Pete

Thank you! We basically agree anyway. Still, we have two basic choices: a new Monroe doctrine with walled, militarized borders or a wide open Christianity with no borders where all decent people are welcome, rich and poor. Personally, I hope we take the latter.

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