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Big Brother is Watching…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-03-2013


 Provided by a friend in Dallas…Wow….


Amazing and Scary


What the drones overhead at 17,000 feet can see (down to a 6″ image) and record. Now I know why ‘O’ wants drones in America.




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It’s good that you finally see the light. I hope and pray that the American people will see the same light before it is too late. We’re rapidly entering a world where there is no privacy. Whether or not our democracy will survive in the future will depend on how well we are able to control the new information gathering technology and the use we make of the information gathered.

did you notice the clarity of the pictures from 17,000 feet? Amazing, huh?

Yes! Digital camera technology is truly amazing. The real scary thing about the technology today is the fact that just about every individual worldwide is carrying (or soon will be carrying) a smart phone that is capable to taking pictures of very nearly the same clarity as the ones in the drones. Whether Big Brother is watching or not, he is increasingly in possesson on the capablility. It may be a good thing. It may make people more honest and transparent. At the same time, it will give the unscrupulous fantastic ammunition to enslave us all. People had best be on their toes in order to keep Big Brother in his place as a member of a free and transparent democratic society. Unfortulantly, I am not very confident of the people’s capability of keeping Big Brother in his rightful place.

I first became truly amazed at the clarity of digital camera technology when I received pictures from my nephew-in-law (the husband of my niece) in the United Arab Emirates of my house and neighborhood in Bryant, Arkansas that he received from Google Earth. It made me realize that we all are now living in a very transparent glass house, which is very fragile and may break at just about any moment. Since then, I have viewed some very clear pictures which showed quite alot of detail of the Webmaster’s house and street in West Albuquerque as well as my old haunts on KAFB and especially the old Radiobiology Laboratory site, which is now the Kirtland AFB Riding Stable. The detail was so clear that I could almost imagine myself as being still there on site wrestling a sheep into a cage for transport to the radiation reactor facility just to the north of the site. Google Earth brought back more memories than an actual physical trip back to the site would. The sad part is that our popular trees that we so painfully watered and kept alive lining the road going into the site were just about all gone and practically dead, I guess, victims of the drought and neglect. All the mobile trailers are gone. Also, the laboratory building where we generated so much good data on radiation sick sheep before their death is gone. The building that housed our therapeutic X-ray unit is no longer there. The building that housed the whole body radiation counter that was used to determine the whole body radiation count contained in the bodies of the original seven astronauts has been torn down. I bet former Senator John Glenn would remember it. as it enabled him to go into space. The surgery building where autopsies were performed on the carcasses of so many irradiated sheep to determine radiation damage and cause of death was not there. The only thing that remained was the two animal shelter buildings that had housed the sheep, but which were now stables for riding horses plus several additional ones. The Radiobiology Lab, otherwise known as the “Goat Farm” to those of us who were there, front office building appeared to be still there, but it seemed to be immersed in a forest of neglect. Who knows what is there now other than memories, memories, and more memories to people like me who reminisce about bygone days. This is a portion of what digital camera technology can show us. It can also give the unscrupulous the means of our enslavement and destruction as the “Goat Farm” was the means of the destruction of so many sheep in the name of science.

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