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Mexican Invasion

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-03-2013


Is it just me or have we already had a Mexican invasion? All the papers are talking about the new Latino population explosion and the millions of Latinos now giving the Democrats the upper hand at the polls,  and our language needs to now be in English and Spanish, if we stop a suspected illegal for questioning we are profiling, and New Mexico drivers license can be granted to those who have entered out country illegally, and the feds (a democratic administration) wants to grant amnesty to another 11 million illegals this year….. Mexico is taking over and never firing a shot and never spending a dollar in their conquest….Well, maybe its better this way……I am sure its just me because we protect our shores from foreign invasions….Don’t we? Oh yeah, I forgot, that’s a fence, huh, not a shore…..

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The cannonball that General Santa Ana fired at the Alamo is still reverberating 175 years later. The defenders of the Alamo saw the hordes coming then and were overwhelmed. The hordes are still coming even today behind that reverberating cannon ball that opened the door. Santa Ana opened it. Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and Andy Jackson closed it for a time, but it was never closed for good because now we are inviting them in with a juicy offer of an easy job for life, Social Security benefits as they age, essentially free medical benefits which are argueably the best in the world, and a drivers license without paying under-the-table to corrupt politicians. Best of all, we are offering them the opportunity of possessing a car with the money to buy the gas to burn in it, and with a drivers’ license to drive it. This was the American dream in the Fifties for you and me. It is the American dream today for the horde of Latinos who are coming to America. The automobile and that New Mexico drivers’ license represented freedom for us. It represents freedom form them as well. America is all about freedom. Let’s not deny this, the American dream, to them simply because millions of our own no longer deserve it, and don’t appreciate their own advantages that were left to them be the Greatest Generation in their immediate past.

With such beneficial gain, wouldn’t you be part of the horde too? Best of all, they are willing to sacrifice and to work to achieve a better life while Americans have become too lazy and too obese to even have sex much less to procreate another even sorrier generation. Is it not time to pass the torch to another people who are willing to work and to sacrifice for a better life? I just heard Senator Cruz of Texas on Hannity talk about his Dad, who was tortured in a Cuban prison and who came to Texas with only a 100 bucks hid in his clothing. After faithfully washing dishes daily along with such other menial jobs, he now has a son representing 25 million Texans in the Halls of Congress. It’s a similar dream come true in the case of Senator Marco Rubio. It will be the same for thousands, if not millions, of others. Let’s not hinder ambition or stop progress. Our country will be the better for it. I just hope we can control the drug cartels in the interim. I hope we can maintain the supremacy of English; but, if we have to learn Spanish, then so be it. Every other nation in the world has multiple languages. Why should we be any different? It is a healthy outgrowth of the global economy. We cannot continue to accept the low priced products made by foreigners without accepting the foreigners themselves and their culture.

I don’t deny they have a dream….Breaking the law is breaking the law….But I can tell, that like so many others, you have just surrendered….There are poor folks all over the world and we cannot cure all that proverty…Folks that have children are worried about their future in America..They will not have much of a future if this keep up. Just my humble opinion.

Sorry for your misinterpretation of my remarks, but I have not surrendered. It is not a question of law. Our founding fathers and ancestors broke the law when they first came to these shores and stole a brand new world from the native peoples by killing most of them off. They also broke the law of their King when their declared their independence with the Declaration of Independence and produced the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor and fought the long, difficult Revolutionary War. They broke the law when they stole all of that valuable tea and dumped it into Boston Harbor never to be used by anyone. They broke the law, but this does not detract from the nobility and rightness of their cause. The Latinos break our laws by wading across the muddy Rio Grande without proper documentation, but they do it for a better life for themselves and for their descendants. Our ancestors secured proper documentation from the King to come to a new land, which the King claimed as his own, without knowing that the land had already been claimed by a people who had been in that land for thousands of years, an extent of time that made it their own by the King’s own Common Law, if not by divine right. They had documentaion to occupy the land and to be faithful servants of the King. They did not have the right to disobey the King, rebel, and form a new government and a new country. So it follows that the USA was founded by lawbreakers, but it was founded for a noble cause, which is freedom and democracy. If the American people of the present century continue on their path of selfishness worrying every day about the stability of their own Social Security system, then they will forfeit their own divine right to possess the land and to inhabit a country that was founded by breaking the law.

As far as your charge of my surrendering is concerned, I am ready to volunteer, as Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie did, to fight at another Alamo on the South Texas border for the defense of Texas and the USA, build a thousand mile long militarized fence, and deploy the full force and might of the military of the USA to defend it, but I know that that would be a mistake because it will serve to build walls around ourselves and hasten our demise. We cannot remain faithful to the quest of our founding fathers for freedom if we deny that same quest to others.

Folks who have children are always worried (and should be) about their children’s future anywhere and in any time, but their future will never be secured by building walls around them and protecting them by force of arms when it is obvious that force of arms will do no good and that it will stop progress in the march for freedom, not only for the children but for everyone anywhere who loves freedom and democracy as the best government under the sun for the maintenance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Any legal request for citizenship should be granted. Your comments are so long you lose me before I finish reading them. …..old timers diease I reckon…..

Okay! I’m a verbose politician. I just wish I could lip flap into President Obama’s teleprompter the way I can peck on a word processor. I really don’t know what you mean by “legal request for citizenship” when we have no “path to citizenship” for these aliens that some call “illegal” while others call “simply undocumented”. Both Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have proposals. Other than these, there is only “lip flapping”. Meanwile, the issue languishes, and the hordes keep coming. We have got to do something. Either accept them with open arms as partners in democracy or build that militarized fence around the nation and live selfishly unto ourselves losing everything in the process. The Christian thing to do is the former. The latter is probably impossible to enforce in an age when our official policy is one of encouraging a global economy, international business, interconnected international currencies, and solving the world’s climate problems globally.

Build the fence…in the long run it will cost lots less money…

A fence is likely the thing that will happen, but it will have to be militarized; and our military hasn’t won a war in the last 75 years, not because it isn’t the best military force known to man but because the nation is divided and has lost its will to fight. Now President Obama seems determined to gut the military by taking away much of its budget, Let’s see what he does with all that money besides funding more golf outings for himself and the Tiger.

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