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New Mexico…I’m Sad…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-03-2013


I just went out and checked….The sunset is still beautiful today, turning the Sandia Mountains into their watermelon color..The birds are still singing and all the neighbors are moving about as normal….I just don’t know how…We lost in the opening round of the NCAA dance….To, er, Harvard and one of the hottest three point shooters I have witnessed in awhile..Our boys just seemed to leave him alone and let him shoot and other than Alex Kirk on the inside, had no answer for him at all. I had hoped this was our year, as had a bunch of others….Well, at 29 – 6, winners of the Mountain West Conference and Tourney both, it was a pretty good year, Coach Alford got himself a pretty good raise and another 10 years or so on his contract, and he is worth it. He is the MWC Coach of the Year…He is a very good coach and we did have a good team and I enjoyed watching them this year. Most all of us did, well, the grippers will continue to gripe, but the rest of us realize he is a pretty special coach.   Congradulations Lobos….You had a good run…Pete

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Your description of the watermelon color of the Sandias made me homesick for my third home (after Alabama and Arkansas). After I arrived in the area in August, 1965, the first thing that the locals told me was that Sandia was Spanish for watermelon, which made me wonder how those Spanish Conquistadors got a watermelon out of that hunk of rock. Then, I saw my first Albuquerque sunset and immediately knew. It was a beautiful sight. I’m sure it still is.

Congratulations, Loboes! My first impression of the Loboes was that congratulatory incidences for the Loboes occurred rarely; but, if they made it to the finals, this must be one of those rare incidences.

Goodby, Coach Alford! I just read on the Albuquerque Journal website that Coach Alford is leaving UNM after all. Where UCLA was concerned, I don’t suppose that 10 years and puny raise was enough to keep him. It’s too bad, but I bet we will hear more from Coach Alford at UCLA. It’s sad to see him go, but I wish him the best. My experience with UNM is still in the same old rut. It”s always “move one”. Some rich schools achieve greatness, others, like UNM, merely train the great ones to move on to greater things.

We loved Coach Allford and wish him the best. He is a very good coach. Our program will survive and continue to prosper. In basketball we can compete with anyone most years….

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