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Buried New Mexico Treasure…11th clue

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 29-03-2013


Well, there you have it. Clue number eleven. Why would the man bring up out houses? I think, (that’s a troubling thought, huh, me thinking), well, anyway I think for him to bring up outhouses that there is a rest area out in the middle of out where, close to a stream, and a hot spring dumps into the stream, but it’s above 5000 feet (anywhere north of Santa Fe is over 5000 feet), with a dry canyon close by….if you find one, stroll up that canyon about as far as an old man would walk…That’s six or eight feet for me, probably more for Mr. Fenn, but probably not a heck of a lot further, remember he was carrying several pounds and a bulky treasure chest….. He did not say it was in New Mexico but the man is a true New Mexican and he would not bury that treasure anywhere else….It is in New Mexico….Folks, now is a good time to tour New Mexico and have some fun…….Drop me a line if you are successful…..Pete Hester…ps..my Houston friends updated me on the 11th clue…Thanks C & S

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You better watch giving out so many clues, or you will give away the location of the treasure. I believe the treasure only existed in Mr. Fenn’s own mind, who has already recieved over 10,000 enquiries. The treasure story is merely an attempt by a previously unknown writer to sale books, and he probably has succeeded, hence the treasure. The treasure is after all his own.

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