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Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter, And... Chapter One       Returning to the Black Range and the land of the Warm Spring Apache Indians, I could not believe what I was seeing. The last time I was here the magical portal...

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Follow the Sun by E. V. Pete Hester Follow the Sun By E. V. Pete Hester Copyright Pending 2015     Foreword Butch Madison told this story to me several years ago and swore that everything he told was true and...

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Happy Easter

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 31-03-2013


REJOICE…..HE IS RISEN…AND HE LIVES FOREVER…..And thanks to our Saviour, the blood he shed covers our sins, if we ask Him to, and we too can live forever in the mansions He has prepared for us….Join me in celebrating this grand occasion and honoring Him today and every day henceforth….

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Happy Easter to you too and the conclusion of the “blood and guts” movie called THE BIBLE, which had more blood, more guts, and more violence than any movie about ole “blood and guts” himself known as George C. Patton, ever had. I have no doubt that the crucifixion and passion of our Lord weren’t as bloody and cruel as these movie makers have depicted on screen, but it just seem to me that the “blood and guts” were just a bit overdone for a depiction of a Biblical event to be shown on Easter Sunday when there are so many underaged kids watching who are prone to see violence as it is without understanding the theological meaning behind it. The movie appeared to be essentially accurate and true to the Biblical record, but it just appeared to me to be a bit overdone, although parts of were really great. I simply prefer the way that biblical events were depicted in the movies in the day of Cecil B. Demille when holiness, uniqueness, and godliness were emphasized instead of movies like this one where blood, guts, and violence are emphasized principally for their entertainment value. Historical events of the Bible involved blood, guts, and violence, but it was different to the typical SAturday night late movie where violence carries no meaning other than the shock and entertainment effect.

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