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Toe Fetish Man Must Toe the Line

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-04-2013


This lady from Santa Fe has been having a heck of a time with her boy friend. Back in Feb. he attacked her and went for her left big toe, biting it down to the bone and bit her nail off in that attack. She tried to get a protection ordered, which I understand may have been somewhat delayed.  Anyway, she moved to Albuquerque after that attack to get away from him. Well, he found her a few days ago. He attack the girl, tied her up and  first started biting her toes, then he took to using a cigar cutter, the paper stated it was a violent attack and it mutilated her toes. She managed to get loose and attack the man with a fork and clawed his face and flee from him. They caught the old boy when he turned up at the hospital to have his face seen about…..I’m a writer of fiction, but I could not  think about writing stuff like that….You can’t make that up, can you?….Well, at least my thinking has never been about loving on or attacking  big toes…. yuk….Pete

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