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Buried Treasure Poem by E. V. Hester (Fenn’s Treasure)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-04-2013


Buried Treasure by Pete Hester  (Folks, this is a poem I wrote, not the one Mr. Fenn wrote.)      I am wondering if Mr. Fenn’s treasure chest is not found soon and it is not found until, oh say, 50 or 60 years from now…What will the finder say or think? I hope Mr. Fenn left a note for that person. Or will Mr. Fenn have a change of heart and go retrieve the chest if it is not found soon. I think he is about as old as I am so he should probably go to plan b for his families sake….This may be a drop in the bucket to his family fortunes though…..I mean if I hid a couple of hundred bucks I would want the whole dang family to know where I hid it….Maybe he will tell us that story also…..Reckon?  Nah, probably not….click on title to read the poem….Thanks, Pete

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Sorry! The poem is not here. I wanted to read it again to renew my memory of it, but I still think the treasure is a ruse by an unknown author to generate interest in the book he plans to publish. The real treasure is his own. The richest of people just don’t give away money for the taking except, of course, the poor American taxpayer who does it every year around April 15. Gee Whiz! It’s almost that time again.

Errol, I clicked on the title and it opened for me. Please try it again and if it still does not open I will totally rework it. By the way, this is a poem I wrote, not Mr. Fenn’s…Thanks for coming by….Pete

Sorry! I was clicking on the heading, not the title!

No problem. Thanks.

Hi Pete,
Your poem is truly an answer for all of us who
wonder where the “Treasure” might be in Northern
New Mexico. We are thinking just like you if the
treasure will ever be found and when ? Hoping that
Mr. Fenn did leave a note to whoever finds it. Haven’t heard anything lately about the treasure hunt. Maybe
someone found it and the hunt is over.
Great poem !
Your friends,
Carolyn and Steve

Carolyn and Steve, thank you so much for your nice comment and yes, it would be terrible if that treasure went unfound for many years….Heart breaking to some of us, I think….I appreciate your coming by and your input to this mystery…Pete

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