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Least Read Postings….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-04-2013


One of the things that surprise me on this web site is what does get read and what does not seemingly attract any attention…..The songs I have put on the web site get very little comments and I am not sure if anyone listens to them…So maybe songs are not good for this site.. I need to really be impressed to post any more..

My chili receipes are not received all that well. Red and green chili may be a New Mexico thing. (In our restaurants out here you are always asked, red or green. Sweetie is red and I am green, except for dishes made in a red sauce .) We have a Mexican food fix about once a week, sometimes more. A few comments are recieved on the hot food stuff, but not a lot. However, if a find a good’un I will probably post it. I love Mexican food….

A couple of post went without comments on Obama, “It ain’t my Fault” and on Sen. Simpson about us old folks collecting social security…Like we have not made any contributions to that program..(Well, I don’t want to get started on him.) But, no comments…But, like me, you may not have wanted to go to cussing on the web site. Thanks, I appreciate that….

Crying about the web site visitors, or lack thereof, is not well recieved. However, this has been the most productive year ever for the web site. April is already over 8500 visitors (and over 27,000 year to date), the most ever by April and there are several days left. So, I want to talk about what you folks want to hear when you visit. Some of the more popular post, if you want to call them that, seems to be the water woes of New Mexico and Texas and  the west in general, and the buried treasure of Mr. Fenn’s has been well recieved.

Anyway, thank you kindly for coming by. I appreciate it. And I will keep trying to find suitable topics……. Pete

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I think that you will find that everybody is not crazy for Mexican food, perhaps as a treat occassionally, but certainly not as a stable diet. There are other restaurants in Albuquerque. The four years I was there I frequented a Mexican food restaurant only about once in several months, and, then, only with friends who almost always made the suggestion. Our favorite Mexican food restaurant at the time was Ponchos. I am not sure if they are still in Albuquerque, but I have seen them in Texas; therefore, the chain must be still in business. I especially enjoyed their sopapilia’s (sp), especially with honey because there always seem to be a never ending supply. They served as gas for my bicycle riding. I simply felt that I could not take tacos, enchiladas, and fried rice every day, but then came Marina, after whom we began to eat rice every day, even every meal, at least until Marina developed diabetes, when we had to ease off it. Don’t feel bad about your lack of response to your Mexican food posts. We are all no longer from New Mexico. There are other more healthy choices. Besides, our impression is that Mexican food is extraordinarily expensive for what one gets, and it can be afforded only as a treat occassionally. Quite frankly, we prefer oriental food. It is much cheaper and healthier.

Just a word about your social security post as well as Obama. Both social security and Obama are touchy subjects right now in the minds of many people. With all the talk about entitlements taking over 50% of the national budget and the lack of growth in the economy to cover the cost, many people are hesitant to advertise their own dip into the national treasury, no matter how much they might deserve it and may have earned it. Most people want ot be part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Most people like their social security. They appreciate their government benefits. Many people just do not like to talk and write about them.

President Obama is probably, at the same time, the most popular, as well as the most hated President in our history. He is certainly the most controversial in his origin, his ethnic background, his policies, and his direction for the country. I noticed in the last election, at least in our neighborhood, there were almost know lawn campaign signs on display, either for Romney or for Obama. The absence of signs was distinctive over all national elections in my memory. I realize that the support for Romney was soft, principally because of his religion; but I do know that, at least in my principally white neighborhood, most people are anti-Obama; yet there were no signs. People just did not want to advertise the fact that they were against Obama for fear of appearing to be racist. The lack of response to your Obama posts may perhaps be due to the same reasoning.

Maybe everyone is not crazy about Mexican food, but almost all New Mexicans are. And none of us apologize about it either. Ponchos is still here, though not as popular as it once was. Mom and Pop places are much better. Ponchos is more Tex-Mex which is very different than New Mexican Food. Oriental is ok, and here it is sometimes more expensive than Mexican. And I am not one of the faint hearted who believe myself to be part of a problem of entitlements. What’s mine is mine. Who robbed it? Obama is alright. Running this country is not easy for the right or the left. It’s big business….No response necessary for any of these comments…Thanks…

That was not my experience during my short four years in Albuquerque, and I just didn’t spend my time on base among AF people from all over the world. In fact, I spent most of my off duty time off base in southeast Albuquerque among my church friends and my University of New Mexico friends. Among those people, I was never aware of any overwhelming love for Mexican food. I guess the reason is that I never knew or met that many Mexicans (or Mexican-Americans). I worked with a few on the base, but I didn’t socialize with them when off duty. Even though I had few AF friends (most of whom quickly shipped off for Viet nam), I still spent my time with the local Anglo population in the southeast and the northeast heights, as well as UNM for the most part. Within the circumference of my walking and bicycling area of familiarity, I don’t really remember that many Mexican restaurants that I cared to frequent, except the nicer Tex-Mex ones like Ponchos on the main throughfares, like Central, Menaul, Lomas, and Louisiana. I didn’t have the kind of money to allow me to be that much of a connoisseur of food (especially strange food with which I was not familiar). I was mostly interested only in replenishing my gas tank, so I could ride a few miles further. I was mostly interested in a welcome change from AF chow (although the latter on KAFB was really quite good). The Monsanto Base (now defunk) chow hall was ranked second in the AF after the one iat the Academy n Colorado Springs. It really had some good chow. The Goat Farm, where I worked was only a couple of miles from that chow hall on Monsanto Base. My security clearance wasn’t high enough to go much of anywhere elae on that base, but it was high enough to get into one of the best chow halls in the AF.

I merely wanted to suggest, as a reason for the low response to your Mexican food posts, that there is not very much familiarity with the cuisine outside of New Mexico and the Southwest; but that is changing. Here in Central Arkansas, Mexican food restaurants have proliferated more than any other type of restaurant. There are even billboards along the streets and highways in Spanish now. That especially was not seen just a few years ago. Times are changing; New Mexico is expanding in influence; Old Barry’s CHANGE is here. Our country is not the same, and it is not the same world it once was, but I have grown to like Marina’s cooking, which is the best in the world, and that is Flilpino, not Oriental as one would find in their local Chinese restaurant; but, in this area, Chinese is the closest thing one can find commercially. It is not too bad now that they have taken the monosodium glutamate out of it.

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