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Global Warming…Now Tell Me about it again….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-11-2014


Is it just me, are is there something missing or even wrong about all this global warming bs. I have heard it now for a few years, as I put on more clothing for winter, stay in the house more during the winter months, wait all winter long for nice days to get out and prepare the garden spot or flower beds, watch the weather reports as my friends and kin up north dig out from all the snow storms, watch news reports of  cars slipping and sliding all over Atlanta, I say Atlanta, listen to the freeze warning in Florida, I say in Florida, hear talk about a Artic Vortex (which I have never heard of before), and I could probably think up some more, but I am sure you get my point…Tell me again about the global warming…Does it just do a selective placement of warming,  say the middle east or some other far away place…..I don’t think it is Albuquerque, NM and maybe not Atlanta, GA and I don’t think Birmingham, Al…But those of you who know, please share it with us here…ok?…Thanks

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There is not very much that can be said about Global Warming because it (if it is indeed real) deals with the changeability of the weather and the climate, which is something that everyone thinks they know alot about, and in which everyone is very interested because the weather affects all of us. In actuallity, everyone knows so very little about it because our weather and climate is, not only a global phenomenon, but it is also universal, depending on variations occurring in our sun as well as other universal phenonmena. Although it will not help very much to understand Global Warming (if it really exist), it will be very helpful to understand more about our local weather on this earth and its propensity for change if one follows daily the space weather forecast as it is given by NASA on http://www.spaceweather.gov. There one can see how the variation in the immense amount of energy, which is admitted from the sun in various solar storms and other space phenomena directly affects the earth and our weather. During a quiet, inactive sun, the earth tends to experience cooler weather with less variation from the norm. During an active sun, the earth tends to experience warmer, more variable, and more active weather that tends to be much drier in some places and much wetter in others characterized by much more changeability because the weather is driven by much more energy. Of course, Global Warming is real; so is Global Cooling; but, the bottom line, is its changeability driven by the changeability of the nearest heavenly body on which we all depend, namely our sun. I, for one, is hoping that the thermostat of our great nuclear reactor in the sky is controlled by a supremely intelligent being, whom we know as God; otherwise, we are merely beings free reeling through space and time for no purpose and without a destiny.

You heard it here, folks…That just about covers it. Thanks Errol for a good report on global warming and cooling….God the Father has the thermostat in his hands…Thank you, Lord…

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