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New Mexico Driver’s License…Illegal Immigrants

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-02-2015


Well, it finally passed the New Mexico House to stop issuing drivers license to illegals. All that remains is for the bill to pass the Senate… I never understood why or how a illegal foreigner could get the officials from a state  to approve issuing them a drivers license in the first place (not all are Mexican, by the way). …. Seems to me like the first thing to do when the illegal announced that he was an illegal would be to call the Border Patrol and have his little behind sent back across the border…But no, we cannot do that they say…(The “they” may be kin folks helping kin folks)…..So, is it illegal to cross the border illegally or is crossing the border illegally ok it you can get a legal drivers license in New Mexico?  Wow….. Only in New Mexico, folks, only in New Mexico…..Well, we will see if this little law can get by the Senate or not….Maybe it will be another law that we can turn our heads at if it does pass…You reckon? …If any of you really understand the “why” of all this, feel free to leave a comment…You know, the Mexicans could start paying their citizenry a living wage and we would not be going through this at all. But the Mexican government does not want to pay out all that money for retirement, health care, etc., when they can get us stupid gringos to do it for them and the illegals are going to send a lot of the money back home to their families anyway. “Is America a great country, or what?”

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I bet ole Navarette at the Journal has his old typewriter (or word processor) all tuned up and ready to go on the warpath. Good Luck, New Mexico! Our friendly Attorney General and President in Washington are alresdy loading their guns to silence such a determined voice of the people.

I will try and keep you posted…The Senate is not quite to ready to pass this bill as the House…Maybe this year with the extra Republican or two up there will make a difference.

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