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Politics….So Tiring, Huh?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-03-2015


Do you get as tired as I do of hearing about the bad guys? Republicans and Democratic…In those two parties there has to be thousands upon thousands of ideas, opinions, feelings, good, bad, right, wrong…A couple of my family members tend to lean left, a couple of us tend to lean right, a couple of us stays pretty close to the middle and that is with the same upbringing, same rights and wrongs in their teaching….How does that happen, you reckon? I suppose, different teachers in school, different situations arising during their school years, a genuine difference in the way things are viewed when they happen or even the understanding of the explanation of situations presented to them. But it is good to have these differences….I agree with their right, really I expect their right to an opinion, no matter how the rest of the family views it….. But, the main thing is, while each of our family respects the other family members opinion, don’t make the mistake of believing that the family is divided. No sir, we don’t think alike, but, yes sir, we all love alike….and strongly…. Around here, love stands head and shoulders above politics…..24/7

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The basic principle is called freedom. Freedom is what a democracy is all about. The ancient Greeks proved that a directly participating democracy is unworkable, but the United States of America has done a pretty good job of getting around the lesson of the Greeks and creating a pretty good representative democracy that works. It may be ugly and messy at times, but it WORKS. That is what family relationships are all about too. Family relationshiips my be ugly and messy at times, but the relationships within a Christian family are basically sound, wholesome, and, most importantly, they WORK.

I agree with your post except for the last sentence. Politics are present in a successful family too, especially one that is run on democratic, Christian principles. How else can the operation be maintained, yet allowing every member to have the freedom to speak his or her mind and to act on his or her convictions? Well run political relationships, like family relationships, are beautiful and Christian. It is only when one or the other degrades into fistacuffs, squabbling, violence, and war that each becomes the bad and the ungly without the good.

Well, there are politics in the family, but that is never the reason for the gathering. If they are discussed, before they become heated someone of us turns the discussion in other directions…Least wise, it has not happened yet and I hope we will all remain cool enough to never allow things to get very heated.

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