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403 Forbidden Message…Have any others received that message on this site?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-03-2015


I received this e-mail from Errol who could not post his comment. I tried to post it for him and could not. So, I have made a new posting showing his comment and I hope that any of you who had received similar notices will let me know. Thanks for sharing this Errol and I hope it does not happen again. I did not do anything to stop comments and I have not done anything to try and correct the 403 error…matter of fact, I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do about it. Maybe some of our readers can help us out. Pete


The kind webmaster must have this posting closed to comments since I always got
an error message when I tried to post it. At any rate, the following is my
comment made through email:

I wonder what would happen if Geronimo did come
home. He might resurrect an invading force and lead his disenfranchised brethern
in an invasion force and surround the governor’s mansion in Santa Fe demanding
the right to build a casino. Personally, I believe that the free market should
decide the viability of a casino in Lordsburg. If the descendant brethren of
Geronimo can raise the necessary funds to build their casino, then they should
be allowed to do so and let the free market decide. After all, the descendants
of Geronimo are supposed to be a free nation which has nothing to do with the
state government in Santa Fe as long as they behave themselves and not become
envolved in an insurrection. Let the Fort Sill Tribe have their freedom. Some
casinos are doing well while others are closing. The ghost of Geronimo just may
have the management skills to makes theirs survive and thrive. They are
Americans. Let’s give them the chance.

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I have received the 403 errors with increasing frequency in the past six to 12 months, not just on Hesterbooks.com, but on many other sites as well, both on my state computer at work as well as my home computer. This is just a suggestion, but the error may have something to do with the unsupported browzer that I use both at work and at home. It may be time to upgrade from internet explorer, which is becoming increasingly difficult to even use. It just can not handle the kind of script that is shooting around the internet these days, especially the video files.

Well, I hope it is corrected, but if not we will try something else.

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