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Immigrants…Illegal Immigrants…A Big Difference

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-07-2015


2 hrs ·     This from my Facebook page this morning….

Why do people confuse immigrants with illegal immigrants…there is a big difference. Immigrants are good and desirable. Illegals immigrants are law breakers.  Immigrants are trying to become honest citizens…. I am not a Donald Trump fan, but I think folks misunderstand what he said or maybe they are just trying to use it to make the Republicans look bad….America has enough trouble trying to provide for our own people who need help…. To you Mexican citizens who wants to work in the United States, well, get your green card and come on. We can use you…but don’t cross the border without one as that is breaking our laws and is a slap in our face…..And my friends of Latino descent who are citizens of the USA stopping the flow of illegals is not a bad thing. The people of Mexico are a wonderful, warm and happy people and are a joy to be around…. You also know that there are many trying to cross our southern border who are not Mexican…Many. You also know that there are those in Mexico that are  crossing the border for illegal activities. Don Trump may not be likeable, but one thing is for sure….He “ain’t stupid.”…..

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