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President of the United States of America…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-08-2015


We need a good person in the White House, a strong leader of integrity and good morals, one with Christian values and a strong economic background. In looking through the candidates available in the Republican party there are 3 or 4 who could fit the bill and we are hopeful that the right one will be picked to lead the party back into power. In the democratic party there is not one, yet…They are the majority party in the U S of A and it will be very difficult for the republicans to come up with a person to unseat them…Yet we must…You talk about change, er, wasn’t that what Obama ran on the first time, change….wow, now we really need change….The “what can you do for me attitude” we have has got to be changed. We are already broke as a nation and I wonder where the next democratic government will come up with all the money they will need to “pay for the party” about to start with a new bunch coming in.  Oh well, we can print some more, can’t we? I don’t see any republicans available at present to change stuff. Wonder if Trump would give some of his 10 billion to the government……Is bankruptcy kind of like borrowing money? He declared it 4 times, so I hear…That may be kind of like, “our money”…..probably not….but he may owe a debt to the American people….I don’t think he fits the bill of my opening statement, however, since we don’t hob-nob with the same people, I don’t know him very well…so he might…you reckon?

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I think all 17 of the Republican candidates fits the bill more or less. Any or all of them who is successful in occupying the White House has my vote. I still think that Ted Cruz is constitutionally ineligible because he is (or appears to be) a Canadian, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t vote for him should he be the one who makes it. Mike Huckaby is still my favorite since he is a “man of God” and stands on the godly principles upon which this nation was founded. Donald Trump is my next favorite, if only because of his honesty and political incorrectness. Ted Cruz, although he might be constitutionally ineligible, is a great person to team up with the Donald and would make a great Vice President. Neither will hesitate to take off the kid gloves when the nation’s and the people’s welfare is at stake. My next favorite is Marco Rubio, who won’t hesitate to fight for the people particularly on immigration, border security, and ISIS. His living from paycheck to paycheck while growing up struck a bell with me as well as his $100,000 student debt which he said was now been paid off completely without asking the government to forgive even part of it. Carla Florina and the former John Hopkins brain surgeon are not far behind. They are not farther up on the scale of likeness simply because their chances appear more remote. Scott Walker looks too much like a kid. I bet he barely meets the constitutional age limitation. The Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, could be way up there too except, like Newt Gingrich, I believe he has made too many political enemies in former times both in Congress and in previous Republican Administrations to ever be elected. Then, there is old Jeb. Jeb is okay and a good man very honest and true, but don’t you think that we have had enough Bushes in high government for any nation to stand. One Bush is a budding forest. Two Bushes is a forest. Three Bushes would be a jungle from which the nation may never extract itself; but, if Jeb is the candidate, he will have my support all the way.

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