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Ole Miss Rebels….How Long Since A Top 10 Rating?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 28-09-2015


Back in the sixties, the old man Manning was tearing up college football. Matter of fact, Wikipedia says in 1969 Mississippi played the first prime time football game ever. It tells how many yards Archie Manning threw for (over 400) and two or three touchdowns. I remember him in college and also remember his pro career in New Orleans. Sent his boys to Newman High School, in New Orleans, also the high school of Odell Beckham, WR of the New York Giants. Archie’s boy Eli is now tossing footballs to him on Sundays or when ever they play. But did you know that on campus at Ole Miss the speed limit is 18 mph is honor of Archie’s number? When the Giants won the Super Bowl they changed it to 10 mph for a time, but that didn’t fly for long and they moved it back to 18 mph. Well, Ole Miss is number 3 in some polls and no. 4 in some polls…Either way, they are good…How good? We will see. As strong as the SEC conference is, they will have to earn it every week now. (Well, New Mexico State goes down there in a couple of weeks, but they should be safe, but please, Ole Miss CFO, make sure there is sufficient funds for my Aggies after the game…ok…Florida paid us 950,000 to make them look good, and we did….so remember your obligation….) Well, got off the subject matter there for a while, but it is good to see Ole Miss in the ratings. I’m kind of pulling for them. I hope they can keep it going.


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Ole Miss does appear to be good. I was just disappointed that Alabama dropped to 12th in the polls when there was only a one touchdown difference in a score involving a total of about nine touchdowns. That is a big drop, and probably an unjust one, considering they almost won the game. Ole Miss deserves it though. If it had been any other team than Alabama, I doubt if the defeated team would have dropped that far in the polls especially after a having been beaten by a team like Ole Miss, that had been in the cellar for so long. I guess Old Miss has put the Houston Nutt era behind them.

Yeah, I guess…It would be nice if New Mexico State could score two or three touchdowns next week…Maybe they can hold on for a couple of quarters…

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