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New Mexico Drivers License ID

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-01-2016


Okay…..The federal government gave New Mexico governing body another 2 years to fix their drivers license to where they can be used for a real id…for airline travel, for entry to military installations, etc. Right now New Mexico issues drivers license to it’s citizens as well as illegal immigrants. You are probably asking who would approve or want such a drivers license. Well, that is complements of ex-governor Bill Richardson. He was concerned about their safety, well, that and he wanted…..whoa, hold on…I was going to say kin folks to be able to drive but that would be unfair to say that about Bill as I really don’t know….I do not know why the man would want to do that. And the action rendered the USA citizens that live in New Mexico of any proof that they are in fact citizens of the United States of America….Crazy. Well, now our state senate has two years to rectify the situation. In New Mexico, two years is not enough. Our present governor, Governor Martinez, has been trying since she has been in office to get that changed. Trying to get a permit type license for the immigrants, but no, our state congress will not do it. Our governor is a Republican you see. Only a Democrat can unchanged what a Democratic Governor makes as law. Well, that may not be a real fact either, but it sure seems like it…..But, really folks, I don’t think we can get it done in two years and us folks who wish to travel or visit a military installation better get us a passport if we want a real I. D. It’s very sad…It’s just the way it is around here…..

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It is sad when we live in a country where a license to drive an automobile must double as an ID of citizenship. The first two drivers’ license (and the only two) that was issued to me by the State of Alabama were similar to those in New Mexico in that they would not double as a proof of identity, as they had no photograph. In fact, my U. S. Government drivers’ license that was issued to me by the United States Air Force did not double as a proof of identity either, since it had no photograph. I never applied for a NM Drivers’ License during the time I was in NM, and I drove in the state for two years with my non-id Alabama Drivers’ License with no problem. I may have been lucky. I was never stopped by the NM State Police although I did receive a ticket once from an Albuquerque cop for turning right onto Lomas Blvd from the left hand lane at the intersection of University and Lomas, where University at that time was only four lane for about 50 feet before the intersection. He didn’t say anything about my non-id Alabama drivers’ license when he saw that I was military from KAFB, although the ticket did cost me $25, which was a lot of money to me then. I suppose, especially in this day and age of terrorism (which our President won’t even mention) that every citizen needs to carry some type of ID, merely as proof of citizenship, but I see no reason why a license to drive an automobile should always be that ID. There are still a few people who don’t drive and who have no need for a drivers’ license and who may still need an ID on occasion. If the U. S. Government thinks we need an ID, then the U. S. Government should be responsible for issuing that ID, which would be good in all states. The U. S. Government has a bottomless budget anyway; whereas, any cost costs of issuing the ID by the state is simply past on to the citizen, who then must pay twice: in taxes as well as in a higher fee.

oh, we have picture id’s…ugly picture id’s….you just don’t have to be a U S citizen to get your picture made. Everybody can drive around here….

I remember! I remember biking down the road in New Mexico on many occasions when a roadrunner would dart out in front of me and run down the road like a strike of lightning. Soon he would get tired and dart back into the tumbleweed and mesquite. At the time, I never thought that he was license to drive though. Perhaps even roadrunners are licensed to drive in NM after all.

Our state bird thinks he or she is boss…I don’t think I have ever seen one run over by a car, so I guess they do a pretty good job of driving.

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