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There’s a little girl……

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-02-2016


There’s a little girl, in our neighborhood, her name is Victoria…er, her name is Victoria, uh, well, ok I can’t say it, so I will spell it, Victoria Namusavyumuremyi, which in Swahili means, “I Ask Jesus For Liife”. She is a 5′ 4″ guard for the Highland Hornets here is Albuquerque. The coach and all her team mates call her Victoria N. There is a very interesting article about her in today’s, Feb. 4, 2016, Albuquerque Journal written by Ken Sickenger. It is very well written and you can read all about her online. Victoria “I Ask Jesus For Life” may never become a household name, but we will never forget her, huh?

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Ken Sickenger’s article is a very good article. Miss Vicky N appears to be small of stature to play basketball, but she evidently makes up for it with heart and desire, as my Dad use to call it. If I had a name like that, I think that I would just forget the name and go by “I ask Jesus for life.”

Highland High is a great school. I wish her much success there. My two best friends in Albuquerque are graduates from there. I used to walk by the campus in southeast Albuquerque and wondered what it would have been like to attend such a large school in such an ethnically diverse state. I have no regrets over attending PCHS in its all white stage, but I couldn’t help but wonder. J. Lee Hendricks, Jr. and Debra Balasich as well as Sissy King of the Lawrence Welk Show were all white. I can’t believe that Highland High was all that diverse ethnically in the Sixties since it was located in a virtually all white section of Albuquerque, but it must have been more so than PCHS in the Fifties because it was in ethnically diverse New Mexico. I knew Debra and Jay well. Jay was my best friend, and later, Best Man at my wedding in El Dorado, Arkansas. Debra was the daughter of one of my most friendly co-working chemist on the base and a former pilot instructor during the war. John was the only Air Force officer that I ever knew who was a Captain and was rifted because of being passed over twice in his effort to make Major. I’m sure being rifted was a very trying experience for him. He chose to stay in the service, though as he lacked only five or six years for a pension. Sissy was only Debra’s best friend in high school, and I only met her once or twice in the Balasich home. That is my connection with Highland High, and that is my connection with Sissy King: the only star that I have ever known or met and probably will ever know or meet. Sissy or Debra Balasich connection with Sissy is my total experience with Stardom. I loved Sissy’s dancing on the Lawrence Welk Show. She and Bobby Burgess made an excellent team.

good write up…thanks Errol

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