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Building a Wall…Our Southern Border

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-02-2016


Someone posted on Facebook today that we should go ahead and build the wall across our southern border. I really don’t think it will ever happen if it comes to a vote…Consider some numbers, and I know these are rough numbers, but you get the idea. California has a population of roughly 39 million and 39 % of those are of Hispanic origin, roughly 72 % of those 39 million are democratic voters. Texas has about 27 million and 37% of those are of Hispanic origin and probably at least a 50% of those are democratic (I could not find a number or percentage but it is probably at least that.) 29% of Arizona’s 6.7 million people are Hispanic and half the voters or more are democratic. New Mexico is 48% Hispanic, more than half are democratic with a population of a little over 2 million people. If the wall issue comes down to a vote, “forget about it”. If we should get a bunch of conservatives elected, I reckon it could happen…. We really need to think along other lines of defense. I think investing heavily in industry in Mexico and getting Mexico out of the two class system and developing a middle class would solve most all of our problems and a lot of our illegals would want to go home. Do you suppose one of our politicians could come up with something like that or even better than that…..I’ll bet they could…Ah, heck, that may require a little work though….Well, it was just a thought.

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I realize that strictly according to the numbers and statistics things do look bad on the Mexican border, but I remember the general attitude of the Hispanics with whom I worked on KAFB. I remember that most of them considered the term “Mexican” as much worse than the term “nigger” was viewed in the Sixties. I quickly got the feeling that most of them didn’t particularly wish to be identified that closely with people from south of the Border. I am not saying that a physical wall will ever be built, or even should be built along the border. I am not sure if Candidate Trump is really referring to a huge, beautiful physical wall with a wide, inviting door, but he is referring to a “Wall of Separation” of some type. As long as the United States remains a separate nation and Mexico remains a separate nation, this “Wall of Separation” will be a reality in one form or another. Your statistics only indicate how critical the situation is in the present time.

My friend, Abelicio (Abe) Baca and his friend Gabe Luna were two of our animal handlers at the Goat Farm. Both of these gentleman have passed on now, but their memory lives on in my mind forever. Both lived in the Belen area. Since I was from Alabama, I remember having very prejudicial feelings about the Civil rights, movement at the time, George Corley Wallace, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Equally, I remember how the expression on Abe’s face grew so serious when any subject involving the term “Mexican” was mentioned. I learned that both were very touchy subjects, and it was here that I learned that all people everywhere could never be considered the same and described with the same terminology because words in different places simply carried different meanings with different people. My experience with Abe and Gabe provided the motivation for me to pursue the Christian Ministry, but it was a social motivation, not a Christian one, which is the reason that it did not last on my part.

Mark my word! The Wall will happen in one form or another. It may not be a huge wall with a big, beautiful door, as Donald Trump has mentioned; but it will be a Wall of Separation of some type, else the United States of America will cease to exist as a nation, and it will be vanquished by uncontrollable hordes from the South. Secure borders are essential to the survival of any nation in terms of the security of its institutions, social mores, maintenance of its customs, as well as its plans for future progress. It will impact directly on whether or not the United States continues essentially as one nation of one language and of one set of Anglo European, Christian customs as opposed to a nation of many hodgepodge, intermingling peoples of many races, cultures, and religions each competing and grasping for control at any particular time, as we now find to a large extent in the current Mexican State. A Wall of Separation, at least relatively secure and controlled borders, is essential to the security of a free nation and the development of its free institutions. Donald Trump may not be aware of the complete gravity and meaning of the true extent of his proposal, but it will happen in one form or another. Why? Because the survival of the nation and the right of a free people are all at stake. It will happen either in terms of military actions, e.g. the Mexican War of the early eighteen hundreds; or it will happen in terms of the enactment of increasingly strict laws and the creation of increasingly strict enforcement agencies in which to enforce them in an attempt to control and to direct the peaceful immigration of the increasing hordes of peoples. The moral and the truth for the 21st century is that, if you are looking for a peaceful place to retire, don’t chose any place on our southwestern border with Mexico, as it will likely be a very turbulent, and even war torn place as this century progresses. In addition, be very careful over choosing a border state as your place of retirement because that will place you on the front lines of the coming battle of social turmoil and upheaval.

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