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Election Year Blues….Or Not?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-03-2016


We Americans are hard to please, aren’t we?  Looks like we are going for the front runners of both parties and the front runners are not my choices…They are certainly somebodies though. But to me, I’m kind of scared of the leading candidates….Trump is his own man, that’s for sure, but there are several issues that could start a blood bath, in my opinion anyway, that is unless Congress can control him. If he gets into a shouting match with Russia or North Korea or Iran or any of the others that have quick to act type leader…look out world. And Trump could get about half of our citizens infighting on issues most all American feel strongly about that requires some delicate handling. Trump has never been one to handle anything delicate.  And on the other side, if Hillary is elected, do we become putty in the hands of the other world leaders or be a credible world power under her leadership or lack thereof? Who knows. And handing our government money in an already stretched economy such as ours  today is also scary. I would like Rubio or Cruz or Carson to be the candidate then I could vote without a lot of worry. But Bernie Sanders is so far left that I could never vote for him and I don’t even want to write about the man. I think that what’s his is his and what’s mine is his, ok, I know, I really don’t want to go there. I hope that one of the other Republican candidates will pull through to become the Republican candidate forcing Trump to run on a third party ticket….Well, I’m not a political person and I know it shows, but I am an a American and I know that shows as well…America will be ok as long as God is on our side. I feel like His patience is getting pretty thin with us and He is about to take down the hedge rows of protection surrounding our nation.  And you, what do you think?

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I think your concern about Trump is, for the most part, unfounded although I realize that it is natural to have such concerns about a largely unknown outsider with virtually no prior government experience. My favorite republican in the race is Ted Cruz; and, at least in the primary, he has my vote, as well as the vote of Marina. Our main concern about Ted Cruz is that he is not electable. The big people in the mainstream of the Republican Party simply hates his guts. No one has ever been elected from either of the major parties with the opposition of the mainstream of the party leadership. If Ted Cruz had a chance of being elected, his candidacy would have take off by now. Instead, his approval rating is still hovering in the teens and low twenties, except perhaps in his home state of Texas. Texas is a big state, but it can’t elect a President on its own. Trump, on the other hand, jumped quickly into the forty percentile level; and, in spite of anything he says or does, he appears to be staying there. There may be a valid question of whether or not he can beat the democrats in an age where the country has become as democratic and as liberal as the USA; and he certainly has no chance of it unless the two frontrunners in the Republican Party gets their heads together, pull together as one party, and concentrate their collective efforts against Hillary or whoever the democratic nominee eventually is. In his victory speech after Super Tuesday, Trump finally sounded congratulatory of Ted Cruz in the latter’s victories in Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska; but Ted Cruz, while still essentially losing, sounded as combative as ever towards Trump indicating absolutely no willingness to join with him in the fight to defeat the democrats. This is the bad news of the night. I have news for both of them. Neither of them can win without the other. The Republican Party is not big enough, and neither of them is just not good enough. Neither is a Ronald Reagan, who probably could not win in 2016 merely because the country has just become too liberal, too socialistic, even bordering on communistic or, at least, state controlled socialism. Cruz and Trump had best realize that their fight is a collective fight and perhaps is a last gasp fight for the survival of capitalism and free enterprise in a free society. Personally, I am rapidly losing hope in the eventual outcome especially if the various wings of the Republican Party do not soon bury the hatchet and concentrate on defeating the Clintons and Bernie Sanders as well as all they represent. The survival of the USA as we have come to know it and of its capitalistic, free enterprise business system and democratic polity takes precedence over any potential interaction between whoever is elected with Putin or Kim Jung Hill (my Korean is bad but it is spelled the way it sounds). We must first get our own house in order; and, after Barack Obama, that is a tall order. Trump and Cruz can do that if they would only work together and stop grasping for the entire pie for themselves.

When we went into downtown Benton to vote on Super Tuesday, we had already made up our minds to vote for Ted Cruz because he is the best candidate in the race, but everywhere appeared Trump yard signs almost overnight. I knew then that Cruz just may not be a favorite in Arkansas after all; and, sure enough, he wasn’t. Marco Rubio is no more than a charlatan who may not even win his home state of Florida because of his tiff with Jeb Bush who also has a strong following in that state. If he loves this country as much as he says, he will just drop out of the race and wait for a sunnier day. John Kassich will likely drop out after he loses to Trump in Ohio next week. Ben Carson won’t drop out, but will just fade away, but any winner would be stupid not to consider him for some position in a future administration.

Thank you for your input, Errol. It looks bad for America. But, I choose to dwell on the biblical principal of : Even so, come Lord Jesus….Amen?

You’re welcome, Pete! I am just happy that you resurrected your website that gave me the medium to express my frustrations with our political system especially in a day when much of the mainstream media, if they publish any of what I write at all, they publish it only after doing a hatchet job with their editorial pen. Whether Trump eventually wins or the Clintons win (I say Clintons because any vote for Hillary is really just another vote for Bill having another shot at the White House.); the next four years will be critical to the survival of our democratic system of government as we have come to know it for the past 230 some odd years. The election of Trump (or Cruz) may be a last gasp of our democracy based on a capitalistic business free enterprise system because the ball of international socialism has already began to roll, and it is gathering momentum at breathtaking speed. The election of the Clintons will only accelerate that momentum and perhaps make the process irreversible..

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