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Kasich…Should Be The Republican Party Nominee

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-03-2016


Governor Kasich has been in the shadows for the entire Republican debate process. He has been quite, civil, intelligent with answers, knowledgeable in foreign affairs, knowledge in the economy, seems to know the working of Congress and I am just now beginning to see all that. I am now hoping that the rest of American will decide he is a pretty good candidate as well. The fighting between Trump, Cruz and Rubio has grown old and seems juvenile for the national political stage. So, I’m backing Kasich….Sorry I am so late getting on his bandwagon…

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It’s getting crowded on that bandwagon. I can just see Pete and Arnold sitting side by side on Kasich’s bandwagon. I wonder if Pete climbed on it before Arnold or vice versa. I’ve been a fan of John Kasich since he was on Fox News and substituted for O’reilly a lot. This was before he got back into politics and ran for Governor of Ohio. This is especially true if he does win Ohio in a couple of weeks. Ohio elected Barack Obama twice. Now Kasich is about to insure that it will elect Hillary as well because the black precincts in Cleveland will vote at east 200% for the Clintons. Those precincts have turned double and triple voting into an art. Kasich is okay, but all he is doing now is pulling away votes from the two front runners and electing the Clintons. It is time that he saw the “writing on the wall” and simply got out of the race as he has virtually no chance of winning. It has been a long time, if ever, since the most qualified was elected President of the United States. As for Trump, he has shaken up the nation, particularly the political establishment. Now, that this goal is accomplished, I just wish he would get out of the race as well, but there is no chance of that. He has tasted victory and dreams already that the victory is his.

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