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World Wide Visitors

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-03-2016


The top 5 countries to visit my web site are as follows and in the order of their ranking….France, United States, Ukraine, Canada, Israel. …This is the first time that France has visited this strong and I am certainly not sure I have written anything that would promote the visits.  However, that is ok, I’m glad to have them coming by….Matter of fact, I’m am thankful for all you folks who take the time to visit my site. I appreciate it very much. Remember on this site, thanks is my only pay, and you visiting this site it a big “thank you”  from you to me in my eyes. …I checked my ranking among world wide sites the other night, there are over 8 million, I just don’t know how many over 8 million there are…could be 10 million or more. Anyway, this report said sites could vary in ranking month to month depending on the writings and keywords that pulled in the visitors. My ranking they said was 5, 324,000, thereabouts. It kind of made me feel badly until I thought about me being in the middle of the pack. That site said I could pay them some money and they could improve my ranking right away….That’s ok…5,324,000 ain’t all that bad.

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I believe congratulation is in order. It is amazing that France is at the top. I didn’t realize that there were that many English speaking people in France, but I suppose there are a lot of people in France who wish to improve their English by visiting English language websites. I do that by visiting websites in the Philippines regularly. I can improve my familiarity with Tagalog (Filipino) that way, but there are not that many Ilacano websites. I suppose that computers and the internet will eventually lead to the development of a unified language used around the world. It will take many generations, but it might eventually happen.

I remember in the Fifties Esperanto was the international language that was developed to make international communication easier. This occurred before the PC when the only computers were mainframe and not very user friendly and were used by only a few people in the population. For that reason, Esperanto didn’t take on and was soon forgotten. It did show me, for the first time, that the English language, which was the language of my birth as the birth language of anyone, is not particularly sacrosanct and is merely a means of communication. Languages and words are valuable only to the extent that they assist in communication.

Thanks, Errol, I appreciate your comments. Yes, for France to have more visits than the United States is very unusual. I believe that is the first time that has ever happened. If those folks are trying to learn English, my site may be a very bad place to be, no that’s not true, it is just there are many places that would be better to learn proper English. It is a good place for “common folk” English..

“Common folk” English is street English. That is the language that is preferred when a person is learning a new language, other than the language of his birth. I suspect that not too many people learn a new language in a formal classroom any more. They learn it either by watching foreign language TV channels complete with bylines, going on foreign language computer websites of the language of interest, or the purchase of one of the many computer courses in that language on CD, like Instant Immersion Spanish where they can listen to it on the fly, in their car, and at home while relaxing. My only Japanese friend, whom I met while he was an economics student at North Carolina State University in Raleigh while I was a student at Southeastern Seminary is now making his living in Japan as a tutor (or teacher) of English to those Japanese who wish to learn English. He holds regular, informal classes in his home for a fee. He seems to be very successful at teaching English to his native Japanese in this way. He does not reward his students with a formal diploma or degree; but, I suppose, his students ability to use English as a new language in both spoken and written form is the best measure of success.

That Is very interesting.

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