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SPORTS.. WHAT TO WATCH? American Pickers?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-04-2016


March madness is over…The games this year were something else. Some teams got a delight out of ruining my brackets, but they were fun to watch….but, it’s over for this year….Football is a few months away, but we have the draft coming up. That’s always fun. Well, we got golf. The Master’s is always great. What a beautiful course….and the announcers lowering their voices always help me get to sleep, a real soothing effect and the special effects boys seem to always back up and replay the good shots, so you don’t miss much. Then there are a few fishing and hunting show…AND BASEBALL…I just can’t really get warmed up to baseball….When Cody Ross and Shane Andrews were playing, both Carlsbad, NM boys, I watched them with interest, but with them gone I failed to get excited with any team or players. I’m sure they are out there I just don’t know them. Sometimes a story about a player will get me going, but not in a long time. So while I wait on football, college and pro, I’m channel surfing. Trying to find my interest. Is American Pickers a sport? Well, I like them. You know, climbing over mountains of junk to find that gem is exciting for me. So, I guess it’s American Pickers. They are a good year round pick.

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It sounds like American Pickers is just another another pseudonym for Retired. It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun.

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