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Vote Busters….Who You Gonna’ Vote For?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-04-2016


I think of Ghost Busters and who you gonna call? when I think of the election facing the American people in 2016. There will only be two choices, I reckon, but sometimes we have a third party running. They have never faired very well. I am wondering though if this year it might be different. I don’t like the way things are going presently either for the Republicans or Democrats. Picturing either of the two front runners of both parties on the world stage is scary to me. I think one of them would not stand up for America when action is called for and the other would put America in jeopardy with knee jerk reactions under those same conditions. So if the independents can come up with a good’un, I would probably vote for him/her. Our mindset in todays America is “what can you do for me” without regard to what it does to our economy is scary. There are so many citizens with their hands out that running the government and military, it is mind boggling providing funds. What happened to “One nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all?” It is not justice to rob from the rich, those who have worked hard and accumulated much, to give it to those who will not work. And the “Republic for which it stands?”. The Communist probably won’t run a candidate this year as the Democratic party has them covered. And a good independent would not have anyone in congress to work with, so that will not work either…. Well, good luck.  It ain’t looking good, is it?…… So, who you gonna call?…





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I think you are misjudging Mr. Trump insofar as “knee jerk” reactions are concerned. Mr. Trump is a builder. There is no one throughout history, even including the builders of the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, bridges, and canals, who has built greater buildings, or greater anything. One don’t build such great buildings, run them, and see them last by making “knee jerk” decisions. You are wrong. Donald Trump will not make “knee jerk” decisions in the White House. The only problem insofar as the Republicans are concerned is disunity among the rank and file as well as the candidates. Unless the two frontrunners can bury their respective hatchets and get their respective heads together between now and Cleveland, the American People as well as their nation are without hope, at least for the next 20 years. The only glimmer of hope at the present time is that the Democrats have drifted so far to the left that they seem to be just as disunited as the Republicans. Their frontrunner is an unpatriotic thief and a liar more interested in her own bank account than in the welfare of her country, and the runner up is a borderline Communist. If he hasn’t already crossed the border into communist territory, he will do so at the first opportunity. Of course, there is also the tiniest glimmer of hope concerning his age. He is as old as I am and will likely not live trough a four year term. If he were elected by a quirk or fate, perhaps he would die the very next day from all the excitement. He is older than that of Ronald Reagan, our greatest President; and Reagan only had a half of a mind by the time his second term was over. Remember his greatest phrase, “I don’t remember!”

I don’t remember.

I hope that the American people (at least a majority of them) remembers that Donald Trump is a great builder of fine buildings; and, in that capacity, he is well equipped to make this country great again if only the people, who are probably not currently as great as they once were when the “Greatest Generation” were running things, will allow it. Donald Trump was trained in real estate at the prestigious Wharton School of Real Estate in Philadelphia, which is as prestigious in the field of real estate as Harvard University is in the law. He has worked in that field in the private sector all of his life. I can not see how his educational and work background are any less as good a preparation for the White House than that of a prestigious Harvard Law School graduate who has worked in government and fed at the public tax payer trough all of his life. It is about time that this country had a leader who was trained and skilled in the private sector in our government at the highest level. Looking back through the list of former presidents, I find few, if any, who ever worked very much in the private sector and who was skilled in survival in that sector. The only exception is perhaps George Washington, who was a private plantation owner and farmer before he was tapped as leader of the revolutionary army that defeated Great Britain and formed our nation. His skill was developed at Mount Vernon before he ever led a trooper into battle as Donald Trump’s skilled was honed in the business sector on New York City, where he made his fortune, before he ever thought about running for President as an outsider. Yep! A short reading of American History will cause you and all the American people to remember. The problem is that the American People do not study American History any more. It got confused with black history; and, when our public schools were asked to teach black history, in which almost no one was interested, they simply stopped teaching all history. We are now paying a steep price.

Trump is a very poor choice for the American people. I think the Republican party will try and get Cruz or Kasich to replace Trump by what ever means legally available to them.

I certainly hope so, but sometimes we must accept whomever the majority of the voters finally chose. Trump may be a poor choice in the opinion of some; but, if he can get elected, he will make a better President than anything the democrats have to offer at the present time. Kasich is the most experienced but hasn’t a ghost of a chance. Cruz is inexperienced but is the best educated and is hated by at least a third of his own party. Trump has a record of accomplishment and is well educated in the workings of government and in the needs and workings of people. It looks like he might be able to get elected. Let’s hope and support the best; but, if not the best, let’s take the second best and run with it. I hate those who say, “It’s either Cruz or no one.” or those who say, “It’s either Trump, or I am picking up my marbles and going home.”

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