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Akiane Kramarik’s Painting of Jesus

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-04-2016


Todd Burpo, writer of “Heaven is for Real”, a story about his son Colton going to heaven when he was four years old during surgery. There was no proof that Colton died that day, but the stories he was able to tell after the surgery was remarkable, and at four years old he would have had no other way of knowing about heaven and in-depth knowledge of Jesus. Todd had showed some pictures of Jesus to Colton and he always said they are not quite right. So when Todd learned of a report of a 8 year old girl painting a picture of Jesus whom she had seen in a vision, he watched her story as reported on CNN. He called Colton to the computer to view this painting and asked him what he thought of it. Colton replied, “Dad, that one is right.” …..You can view this painting by goggling Akiane Kramarik and reading about her and seeing her paintings. Her mom was an atheist and Akiane had no preschool training, yet at 4 years old she was having visions and painting such realistic paintings and drawings that her mom became a believer.  The painting of Jesus looking right at you is so amazing. I hope you will goggle her and see these paintings for yourself. You’ll be glad you did…

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I Googled Akiane Kramarik. She certainly appears to be a child prodigy as some have described her, certainly in terms of her art. No living person today knows what Jesus of Nazareth looked like in the flesh. Everyone has their own idea of what He might have looked like. Akiane may well have had a real insight not available to most of us. Whether or not she is a fraud or a great, budding artist is for the beholder of her art to decide on the basis of what her art does to them. It all depends on about 10% on artistic knowledge and 90% on faith in the historical critical process which conveyed the revelations of God as they were understood by the biblical writers down through the centuries. Faith is the key to understanding the Bible as it is to understanding Akiane’s art. As for Colton, he is a great young kid with a lot of insight and faith to be so young. Apart from a very real metaphysical experience, he can be wrong too; but, within him, is certainly the kernel of much very real faith which can move and shake the world. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, even when there is no real evidence. Where the application of science ends, faith picks up and takes off.

The experiences and comments of these two young people helps me fortify my own faith. Neither one of these two children at four years old could make up the stories they tell with such clarity and truth.

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