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It’s Not A Wall….It’s A Privacy Fence

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-02-2017


From the web site: helenaglass.net…an excerpt ……..


Vatican property which is 110 acres, 2.5 guards per acre.

The same Pope who is the appointed gatekeeper of the Vatican vehemently declares that walls must be opened and borders must be clear for anyone to enter freely.   And while the value of the closed and walled Vatican City is apparently un-calculable, estimates begin in the billions, not including investments and real estate held elsewhere.  Therefore, if walls are to protect assets, I’d say the US had a smidgeon more to protect.

The current Pope stated that if Donald Trump builds a wall between the US and Mexico, he is not a Christian and this is not in the Gospel.  Oops.

But this is by far not the only wall to keep out unwanted potential ‘bad guys’.   Israel, Macedonia, Hungary, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, India, Morocco, and even the UN all hail host to massive border walls. Hillary’s house not only has a wall but a guardhouse, Obama built a wall around the DC house he is ‘renting’, gated communities abound, gated and walled 5 star resorts, compounds housing the elite and just about everyone in Hollywood boasts a walled off property to keep out the riff-raff and possible ‘bad guys’.

De Blasio built not a wall around his house, but a privacy fence composed of brick, stone, iron and wood…

There are now 65 countries around the world that have built walls to protect them from bad guys and illegal immigrants. So why all the fuss and muss about Trump’s proposal? Because it is Trump’s proposal and demonizing is the new mental aberration.

So maybe that’s the key, we just need to rename our wall.  We aren’t building a ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico – we’re building a ‘privacy fence’…

De Blasio, De Blasio – anyone…

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A privacy fence is exactly what it is; otherwise, we have no privacy as a nation. Don’t worry about Pope Francis. He is the Holy Father and the religious leader of a billion members of the Catholic Church, but he is not God, only God’s representative on earth. He is prone to mistakes and does make them as we all do. Privacy fences are good rather it is one around the Vatican, one around the White House, or a huge one separating two friendly nations. As a huge pond, like the Pacific, and a lesser one, like the Atlantic, are privacy fences in themselves, a wall along a border, be it a physical wall of steel and stone, an electronic wall consisting of millions of listening posts and surveillance cameras, or simply a beefed up border patrol are also privacy fences. Privacy fences give a family as well as a nation of families the protection and the privacy it needs to be a family. The Holy Father notwithstanding, privacy fences are good and have had their place throughout history. They are constantly mentioned throughout history, even in the Bible. They had a significant place even in our own recent American history. Our first colony at Jamestown failed because of a breach in the wall surrounding that fort. All the forts and military facilities of the American Army on the frontier had walls surrounding them and all were defendable only to the extent that their wall could not be breached, and all of them had their own border patrol (guards) to protect them. Even the military facilities of the Crusaders on their Crusade to take the Holy Land of God away from the invading Muslims built walls around their facilities, not only to protect their own armies but also to establish their presence again in the Holy Land. So, Holy Father, walls have always had a unique place in our history, and they will always have a place. Even, according to Revelations in the Holy Bible, Heaven is separated from sinful man by a great divide that can not be penetrated by man himself.

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