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A Repost: 45th President of the United States

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-02-2017


Looking back…..

A posting I ran during the primaries…shows how smart I am……


Have you thought about the name of the 45th President of the United States….In thinking about those running….We could have another President Bush or President Clinton…we could have but I don’t think so…Do you? I like Jep Bush and I am sure he is a good man, I just don’t think he will get elected…not now, maybe later…..President Clinton, I think her run in politics is over…you can fool some of the people some of the time, well, you know that story….so on to the next prospects…President Trump…I don’t think we have ever had a president that was about ego, have we? He does have some pretty good ideas, but the others have picked up on it or already had it, so the ego will do him in…Sorry sir, I don’t think so…President Ted Cruz..hum, well, could be pretty good and pretty solid, especially in the southwest, but probably not nation wide…President Scott Walker…nope, Midwest may go for him but not nation wide either…President Ben Carson…he is cool, a good thinker, smart, good ideas and black and he does not seem to be racist either….President Carly Fiorina, same for her….smart, quick thinker, experienced in leading, woman and a pretty woman…so she would be a good one….I think it will come down to Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson and maybe Rubio in the Republican race before trimming down to the one person to face the democratic candidate. I did not say, President Rubio, although I like him and like the way he presents himself and his ideas, I just don’t see him in the race…..I think it will be Carly Fiorina running against Hilary Clinton….and if so, Carly will blow her away…..Okay, presenting the 45th President of the United States of American, President Carly Fiorina…..Our Big Momma….45 tries before we got one….Big Momma….Hilary can’t handle that title….Carly can…

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You’re right! The posting does show how smart you are and perhaps how smart we all are. I fail to see how you get the title of “Big Momma” for Carly Florina. She is not big, and we shouldn’t look at our female candidates for president through sexist eyes. Look at her ability to do the job by looking at her accomplishments in Silicon Valley, specifically at Hewlett Packard. We shouldn’t think of the president as “Big Momma” any more than we think of him as “Big Papa”. Also, I don’t see where you see Donald Trump as a man with an ego any more than any of our presidents have been men with egos. Donald Trump has no more ego than, say, Harry Truman, who couldn’t stand a subordinate questioning a very questionable direct order. Incidentally, General Macarthur was right, and Harry Truman was wrong as subsequent history has proved. Donald Trump has no more ego than the little pipsqueak named Franklin Delano Roosevelt who could not even keep up with the ego of Eleanor, I guess because he depended on her so much to push his wheelchair. Speaking of egos, don’t forget General\President Grant, who had to keep his hid in a bottle just to contain it. Jimmy Carter had so much of an ego that he had to get two world leaders murdered just to cover up his ineptitude. Don’t forget the ego of Richard Nixon who had to resort to petty burglary just to insure his re-election when his leadership skill and ideas were sufficient. The only President in this nation’s history who did not suffer from excessive ego was Teddy Roosevelt: “Be silent and carry a big stick”. Even Ronald Reagan had the ego of a winning football player and sports announcer, “You can’t beat my team, so you needn’t try.” Looking at an egomaniac who failed, because of his ego, to achieve the office of his dreams, that of President of the United States, just look at General Custer. His ego got him killed along with his entire army. It’s a good thing he never made it to the White House. It is to bad he had to ego-kill himself to prevent that from happening. In short, you’re wrong about Donald Trump. Yes, he has an ego, and a big one; but not one so big as to kill either himself or his nation. He will make a great President if he ever gets his team approved by an intransigent Congress ruled by democrats and RINO Republicans and his ideas of governance across a liberal court system.

Well, I still am in agreement with myself on all counts. They were not correct then, not correct now, but that is the way I was leaning at the time and so there no need to change, etc. I did not consider any other time frame, ie, Grant, Nixon, Truman as they were not the way my text was going. Trump is going to be Trump. I wish him well and hope that he does not get in his own way and can keep his foot out of his mouth.

The old “foot in mouth” saying for a politician is like wishing that politician was dead because putting the ephemeral “foot in the mouth” is characteristic of a politician. Donald Trump may not be a professional politician, but he is a politician built on the strife of private business and polished by the world of television and the sponsor of successful beauty pageants where he learned the art of “how to fire subordinates”.

He is extremely good with inserting “foot in mouth”. Better than most.

The term “Big Momma” refers to the top female in the country, the top Mother to America, number one lady of the land….Our, Big Momma…..But this was not the year for America to get one….Maybe next election….

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