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Ruben Navarrette, Jr….He Keeps Writing The Same Old Stuff..So Will I.

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-02-2017


Here is a hesterbooks.com repost from 2012:

Mr. Ruben Navarrette, Jr….A nice guy I’m sure, but….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-06-2012


I read Mr. Navarette’s column almost every week in the Albuquerque Journal. I think part of my problem with Mr. Navarrette is I don’t understand his word usage. As an example he said, “This administration has all but declared war on the Latino immigrant community.” Did he mean to say, “almost declared war on illegal immigrants?”. I don’t think any of us have a problem with legal entry Latino’s, do we? …No we don’t, Mr. Navarrette…They are good folks and get this…I am a Republican and I like them….another comment he made “….ropes state and local police officers into enforcing immigration law by requiring them to submit fingerprints of those arrested who they suspect of being in the country illegally (read, Latinos)…. Well, Duh….They are lawbreakers sir…..You know we need a lot of those folks to help on farms and in the construction industry, but that requires reworking the guest worker program Mr. Navarrette….(read, lawful,my comment here)….Another comment…..”The Department of Homeland Security is encouraging a form of ethnic profiling just to boost its deportation figures”…(read preforming their duty, my comment here also)….I think you are saying, Mr. Navarrette, that America is picking on the illegal aliens, even when they are breaking the law by being here unlawfully, that we should just ignore them…You seem to say, “They are ok…they are MY people”….Why not write your column about the guest worker program and upgrading it and revamping how our businesses request folks from Mexico and other Central and South American countries. Contrary to your belief, the average Republican does not hate Latino and I think you know that….You are obligated to follow the law, I have the same obligation and so does our friends who cross our borders…..Write me an article about that Mr. Navarrette and I will back you 100 percent…..Looking forward to your next article (read, you can always get me going).I guess I could stop reading him, huh?…Pete Hester

Update: I have read many more articles since the above one by Mr. Navarrette….He ain’t changed one bit. Open borders and  illegals are ok with him. He spoke today of us “white boys” ( I think he actually used conservatives today) having a closed mind. Wonder has he checked his lately. His is not only closed but also one tracked…..What would I have to write about if not for Mr. Navarrette…Maybe Mexico improving pay and benefits for the Mexican people. Heavens, that would never work as it puts Mexico in a bad light. Mr. Navarrette can’t write about that…Pete Hester, Feb. 9, 2017

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I’ve noticed on the website of the Albuquerque Journal that Mr. Navarrette is a guest journalist now. I suppose that he has gotten so rich as an American journalist that he has joined the others of his profession and become semi-retired, on a permanent vacation, and only writing when he feels like it or needs a little extra income. As such, like George Will and so many others in the mainstream Media, he has lost touch with what is really going on in his adopted country especially with respect to the voting electorate who elected Donald Trump.

Yep, Navarrette has been with the Washington Post for a long time. The Albuquerque Journal keeps publishing his stuff just to keep me pissed off….and they do a pretty good job….The Journal cannot refer to illegals as illegals and uses the term undocumented as not to offend any of the law breakers. Sometimes they use the term immigrant which really upsets me as I see immigrants as a term for folks with legal entry into the United States. Now we are really getting fancy and are establishing sanctuary cites for our law breakers…Nice, huh…

Not only sanctuary cities, but, at least in California, sanctuary states! It sounds like a Jerry Brown innovation. If it becomes the law in California, the Federal Government will have to step in because it becomes an obvious and dangerous infringement on Federal authority. It will make the state’s rights movement in the south in the Fifties look like simply the icing on a cake of dissension, not dissension itself, and it will make George Wallace look really insignificant, George Wallace was never insignificant in Alabama politics, and he was the leader of a movement in national politics to maintain traditional values and ways in face of the ever changing demand for change on the part of liberals. George Wallace was no racist. Only those people who see color in their own skin and see it differently from the color of their neighbor’s skin are racist. George Wallace lived in a boarding house next door to mine on 10th Avenue in Tuscaloosa just a few years before me. He was no more of a racist than me; but, like me, he was only a poor soul trying to eke out an education for himself. He established the reputation of the “fighting little judge’ after that, and he came to recognize his constituency for what it was because this is what he had to do to be successful in politics in Alabama. He would have been just as successful in national politics if he had lived in the time of Barack Obama, who established Donald Trump in national politics and who would have established George Wallace as well. Boy, this would have made the liberal element go completely nuts. Thanks for educating me. I didn’t know that Navarrette actually worked for the Washington Post. That places him in the same category with George Will and Krauthammer who write in local media for a national audience. I mistakenly thought of Navarrette as either a first or second generation resident of Albuquerque transplanted from Mexico. I can see him in a different light now, but the Washington Post does explain why he is so liberal, at least on immigration.

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