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Laws….Good Laws and Bad Laws…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-02-2017


We have good laws on the books…..Some folks say we have bad laws on the books. Some of our laws even override God’s laws…Of course, I’m going to always believe God’s laws no matter what some folks say. And some of you folks differ in opinion on God’s laws as well as man’s laws.

  1. Man shall not lay with another man according to God’s law.  Man’s law says it is now ok.
  2. Thou shall not kill according to God’s law. Man’s law says we can kill our unborn babies.
  3. Man’s law says thou shall not pray or talk about Jesus in school. God says it is ok and he will hear you when you pray from wherever you are.
  4. Man’s law says thou shall not cross our borders for illegal entry into the United States of America, but man does not have to enforce those laws, based on who is doing the talking. God says we should obey man’s law. Or does he?
  5. What is a person to do? As for me, number one God’s law is still in effect and I will honor that law. Number two is another of God’s laws that is still in effect so I hope all the females will honor this law as well.  And number three, I just pray whenever I feel the need, no matter where I am. And for number four, America is having a difficult time taking care of our own needy people and the law restricting illegal entry into the USA should be enforced. Mexico needs to step up and take care of their people and the need to cross the border illegally would not be so critical.
  6. I cannot get these numbers to go away so number six become “what do you think?” If you care to share your comments, fire away. No foul language please, otherwise speak your mind…..

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For myself, I think it is very simple, It may be difficult to do, but the matter is simple. As Federal Law preempts State Law and State Law only applies in those matters which Federal Law does not address, God’s Law always preempts man’s law. Man’s law only applies where it meshes and conforms to God’s Law. When State Law disagrees with Federal Law on a particular point of law, particularly where Federal Law claims jurisdiction, then Federal law always applies, and State law must conform. By the same reasoning, when Man’s Law disagrees with God’s Law on a particular matter concerning life and health, then God’s Law always applies, and man’s law must be changed to conform to God’s Law or be condemned. See! Isn’t life so simple? The real issue, however is harnessing man’s desire to be his own independent being and a little god unto himself and conforming to the dictates of his Maker. This is the thing that makes it so difficult because man is basically a sinner, a free thinker, and a free doer because God made him that way. After all, God made man in His own image. If God can shed tears, I bet He is up in Heaven now crying His Heart out because His great experiment of making a being in His own image to fill the loneliness of His own Heart might fail after all. Since an all perfect and true God can not fail, then the example mentioned in the previous sentence can not happen, and the grand experiment of “making man in God’s own image” will eventually succeed with an eternal consummation of bliss in a Heavenly Kingdom in communion with a loving God.

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