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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-03-2017


Over the weekend a hacker showed up at my door, stating that he was a hacker and asked me if a IP number he had on his phone was my IP number. I told him no and tried to find out why he was hacking me. All he said was I needed better security, at least that is what I made out. He left and made no further warning or statements but it left me wondering if that was my IP and why he would be interested in me. I checked and in my comments on this web site I did find a similar number to that IP in early February. If you folks know about hackers and what their business would be in coming to a persons house, would you please let me know. The other thing is, would you read some of my postings and see if there is anything that I have posted that would create any interest in a visit from a hacker. Kindly leave me a comment if you have any ideas. By the way, I did contact the FBI and they have not responded, so I reckon it is ok by them…..What do you guys think?

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In my opinion, there are only three reasons for hacking. The first is the outright theft of information (security codes, email address, etc.) that will allow them to steal something of monetary value. The second is the use of their computer skill to penetrate the wall of security developed by programmers just to see if they can do it. The third is the challenge to prove that, for any computer program that can be written, another can be written to gain access to it and change it. The first is attractive to thieves because it requires little person to person contact, and they can hide their tracks so easily. No getaway car is required, and they can hide in the comfort and security of their own living room or bedroom to do their evil work. The second is just an extension of their computer development skill. As their confidence level in their own skill increases, they see no program that they cannot penetrate, or no defense system than cannot be breached. The third is just an extension of the confidence that knowledge and skill brings, that new computer anti-hacking programs only create a new challenge to conquer. Once they have conquered a particular computer’s defenses, and they are within the program snooping around, then a lot of integrity, honesty, and respect for their neighbor’s property are required to prevent the actual stealing of it. In an age when religion, and particularly Christianity, is being cast aside as irrelevant, there are few people left who have the kind of honesty and integrity required.

As for as your hacker is concerned, he strikes me as being a very inexperienced in the hacking business, almost as if he was only a kid. Paying a visit to a home or place of business is not necessary in the business and process of hacking. In most cases, it would be a dead giveaway of one’s identity, especially as commonplace as cameras are nowadays. There are cameras everywhere. Many people even have them at the entrance of their home or business. What can they gain by knocking on the door of the person hacked at a great risk of giving themselves away that they cannot gained on their computer in the safety and security of their own home while being almost completely hidden from view? In fact, I understand that many hackers might well be completely on the other side of the world in another country and culture believing in, only God knows what religion or world view. Modern technology and an interconnected world gives them that capability. Lastly and most importantly, I’m afraid many, and likely most, hackers hack, not because they are interested in stealing someone else’s property, but because they just want to see what they can do with this new fangled gizmo in their hands or on their desk, and they want to see how far they can go with it. This doesn’t minimize the danger because there are smart thieves out there capable of using these modern gadgets to the fullest extent possible to carry out their evil deeds. The best advice is just to be very careful out there in cyberspace minimizing what one puts out there that might be valuable to someone and to encode that valuable information that is put out there.

Thanks for your input, Errol.

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