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The Wall

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-03-2017


Building that wall sounds better every day. That’s all I got to say about that…..

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I wish they would get with it, and stop lip flapping about it. That doesn’t mean that a physical wall that can be dug under or climbed over is the best type of wall. A beefed up border security force, border guards intent on doing their job and not looking the other way, a wall consisting of drones and electronic surveillance, or a combination of these may be the best wall obtainable; but I wish they would get on with it to get something done before the USA is overrun by undeserving immigrants, thugs, and terrorists. Conditions must really be bad for those poor ranchers and landowners near the border when two-thirds of the cars stopped by law enforcement 300 miles from the border on I-10, I-30, I-25, I-35, and I-40 are illegals. I wish they would stopped being distracted by sob stories from people like Sheriff Chavez, the sheriff of a New Mexico border town who, although his family came across legally, he is certainly sympathetic with the millions who didn’t, or the sheriffs of the Texas border towns who represent the Mexican illegals more than they represent the farmers and ranchers along the border who pay their salaries.

There are very many people who promote the illegals and it makes you wonder just whose side they are on….

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