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Kaepernick….He Ain’t Standing…He Ain’t Signing

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-09-2017


Kaepernick is a slap in the face to every man who has ever served in the military and to every person who believes in our great nation. Yes, we have problems, but he needs to help unite us, not cause further separation. Write letters to the editor, speak in high schools, visit prisons and jails, speak in churches, visit areas of destruction, but stand for the National Anthem….. Mr. Kaepernick, pick any owner needing a quarterback, call him and state you are willing to stand for the National Anthem and will protest in other ways and I think you will get a chance….TRY IT…..

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Kaepernick is dead as far as I am concerned, and he is dead as far as professional football is concerned. I hope San Francisco wins the Super Bowl just so I can boycott both him and them as I boycott the Mayors of New Orleans and Charlottesville for pulling down the statures of my hero in the deadness and darkness of night, totally in the darkness of night and unjustified in law. I am no worshiper of statues, but General Robert E. Lee was my childhood hero, and he deserves respect, if only for being the hero of millions of kids, besides the fact that he saved our nation from Mexican domination and tried his best to re-unify it after it almost fell asunder to “Yankee” demagoguery. Mark my word! The statues are coming back one way or another, and Kaepernick will eventually stand for the National Anthem, else he will leave the country for good, and football in particular.

Mr. Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs sure made a strong statement for his people, huh? Either stand with you hand over your heart, or leave…And that is the way it should be. I hope others with join him and Jerry Jones of the Cowboys with their tough stand on the issue.

I hadn’t heard about Mr. Hunt of the Kansas City Chiefs, but I had heard of what Jerry Jones said. If the management of professional football would just stick together, it would make deviants like Kaepernick think twice before doing something stupid that reflected badly upon themselves, their sport, their team, as well as all their fans, young and old.

I agree with you Errol. I hope the rest of America will also.

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