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Rio Grande Rivalry…New Mexico Lobos vs New Mexico State Aggies

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-09-2017


The football battle begins at 6 pm this evening. Nope, no tv…. to see it you can view by streaming on Facebook, (that’s what the paper said) and radio….Oh yeah, attending the game, that will also work….That’s what the Hester boys are gonna do. You know my son and grandson have done my yard all summer, mowing and trimming, weed eating and what ever else needs doing. So, I treated them to a game and not quite in the nose bleed section but not on “the first row”. We are excited about it and had invited my New Mexico State graduate grandson up for the game,  (showing that we do not play favorites) but he could not make it. I’m a Lobo fan, but you may not know that I attended New Mexico State – Carlsbad a few years ago. Ok, maybe a few is a little bit much, so ok, like maybe 50 years or so ago. So long that I have forgotten and have become a Lobo fan. But I still pull for the Aggies and they showed up well last week against Arizona State, 37 – 31 and the Rogers to Scott td catch was aired on ESPN and every other sports show in the nation…. a one handed catch….I hope they do that several times this year, just not against the Lobos….. I’m thinking Lobos…..42 – 35 …….

ok….The Lobos did not win but after a very slow start almost caught up….Final: New Mexico State 30 – New Mexico 28….Here is part of your crew….

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Don’t worry! It was really only a few years ago since you were in Carlsbad bumping around New Mexico State and the potash mines. I know! I was at Kirtland AFB about the same time putting many irradiated sheep to sleep in the name of science (and of saving many troops on the battlefield) in the event of a nuclear war. That was only a few years ago. At least, it seems only a few years ago until I look at the changes that has occurred since then both in Albuquerque and on the base as well as changes in weapons research as it is conducted by the military. Those few years ago, it was conducted by the greatest generation that had fresh memories of the greatest war to end all wars. Now it is conducted by the sorriest that, in spite of their great education in the best and most liberal schools on earth, barely know how to properly assemble and set a nuclear weapon to explode, much less a clear image of the kind of destruction that it can cause. That is my main concern as President Trump blusters with the “Boy King” of North Korea over the danger of nuclear weapons. Do we really have the people who know how to trigger and to explode these weapons when we haven’t done so since the people who are responsible for doing it were born. The “Boy King” has given his people plenty of practice. President Trump has best to just “shut up” and quietly give our little boys and girls of this sorry generation a little practice as well by doing, as President Teddy Roosevelt did by “speaking softly and carrying a big stick”. The weapons were recently moved out of their safe stronghold underneath the Monsanto Mountains into a so-called, safe underground depository on base, not far from my old animal handling facility, more or less just across the highway from it, but nearer to the populated section of the base. Who knows what great minds conceived of that idea. Shortly thereafter the military organization that had responsibility for them was de-certified because they didn’t know what they were doing. Although they have been re-certified, I still wonder if they are just certified on paper or if they really know what they are doing because they have had no direct experience. Do they really know how to assemble, arm and place these fancy weapons on a missile and fire it to the haven of the “Boy King”? No! It hasn’t been that long! But oh the changes! Now, we just may be “sitting ducks” to the very same weapons that the greatest generation created to end all wars.

Let’s hope both our man and their boy just settle down, relax and let us all have some peace and quiet. We don’t need the strong arm tactics from either of them….

Yeah! But we already have strong arm tactics from Kim, who thinks North Korea can do anything and still survive, especially if it has the bomb and the means to deliver it. I just hope that my assessment of the Bombardment Group that is responsible for the maintenance of the weapons in the new Underground Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility is less accurate than I have described, and that it is more prepared than it has been in the past. President Trump should just talk less and carry a very big stick; but, then, he has to talk to get attention because the mainstream media simply will not back him in any way much less talk for him in anything but in a negative fashion.

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