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Colin Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Book Deal

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-10-2017


I am wondering….One World did this deal with Mr. Kaepernick for a million dollars.  Who will they target to buy this book? The kneeler’s or the stander’s? …..I’m glad he signed with them and I hope One World realizes a return on their investment. It sounds like a wonderful way to get his message out to the people and not disrespect our country or our flag by kneeling during the national anthem anymore.



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I refuse to express an opinion on this one because Kaepernick’s friends, the liberal, mainstream media, and liberal authors whose only purpose is to sell books will just insist that I’m racist. Real authors, like Edgar Allan Poe, Nathanial Hawthorne, and others who wrote in an earlier period when an author had to have real talent to get published, but who usually died in poverty, always refused to resort to such shenanigans and tricks merely to achieve publication. Mr. Kaepernick can resort to any dirty trick he likes in order to get his trash published, and he will likely be successful because he has a lying, crooked media to publish his trash for him, and he always, like O.J., has the race card in order to resort to if he has to. In fact, he only is getting his case across to those few idiots who are willing to fork out the dough for his worthless book. You’re right! At least, the All American sport of football will be left clean of his shenanigans, and it won’t spill over into college and high school sports, as it already has. But will it? I guess you have heard that the PCHS football team kneeled during the National Anthem at one of its recent games. So much for PCHS! It is definitely not the PCHS that it was during the G.S. Spruill and H. C. Elmore days in the Fifties. I’m afraid Kaepernick’s deal will have no effect on the pollution of sports at all levels. The liberal, communist wing is always looking for new ways to bring down the country of our historic founders. Football and big time sports are the latest, but professional football will not be the last. It is just one of many battles until the nation and constitution of its founders are brought down and cast into a furnace of fire and turned into ashes. The only people targeted to buy the book are those people who are sympathetic to the liberal cause and who secretly would like to see the nation and principles of our Founding Fathers turned into a heap of ash.

Some good points, Errol…

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